Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, a new bestseller

A month ago, a new Xiaomi speaker went on sale. After this month, we can clearly say that the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is the best purchase option in bluetooth playback speakers or jack cable to buy.

This model was seen passing its bluetooth certification under the model name MDZ-36-DB a few months ago and now it has become one of the best sellers due to its high performance and low price to pay.

Their votes are positive, the materials are of quality and the sound is clean. So if you were looking for a good bluetooth speaker, this Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is a very good purchase option.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker has a size of 21.3 cm × 7.4 cm × 7.4 cm. Inside they are housed two powerful 8W speakers that between them offer 16W of sound. Each of the speakers has a size of 5.7 cm.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, the new Xiaomi speaker - Xiaomi News

These 16W translate at a frequency range: 80Hz-20KHz and a signal-to-noise ratio: 70dB. Inside It houses a 2,600mAh battery. According to the data offered by Xiaomi, this speaker offers up to 13 hours of use at 50% volume. Time total battery charge is about 4 hours via USB Type C at 5V.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, the new Xiaomi speaker - Xiaomi NewsXiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, the new Xiaomi speaker - Xiaomi News

In addition, as we mentioned in the headline of this new Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, we find that it has water protection with IPX7, to be able to be used in all the open places that we imagine.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, the new Xiaomi speaker - Xiaomi NewsXiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, the new Xiaomi speaker - Xiaomi News

Add an auxiliary input near the charging port, button control with: Play / Pause, on / off and on or off of the bluetooth 5.0 connection.

As an extra, we can buy 2 speakers of this model and connect them to create a stereo sound, also has a microphone for hands-free calls and a lanyard designed to be hung wherever we want.

Its price It is € 34 / $ 38 in this Aliexpress store and ships from China or Spain. Available in black or blue.

If you are looking for the best speakers that Xiaomi has released during this time visit this link.

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