Xiaomi desk lamp, the best to use

Desk lamps are the most useful when it comes to illuminating very specific areas of your home. Thus, they guarantee a certain comfort by allowing you to direct the light to the place you prefer. For children, providing a work area with a suitable desk lamp can be an ocean of difference. Here we bring you this collection of desk lamp from Xiaomi and Yeelight that accept home automation options.

Here we leave you the Xiaomi, Yeelight and Philips desk lamps that you can get the most out of


Model: Yeelight LED Clip-on

This desk lamp is a high-quality work and reading accessory that provides the user with great help, along with an excellent experience to perform different tasks.

Its most notable quality is its long battery life), which allows the user to use it continuously for up to 14 hours, excellent for different tasks. In addition to having a simple, modern, elegant and compact design for any workplace or recreation.

Its design consists of a Clip-On (Fastener) that allows it to be placed in different places such as: beds, tables and shelves, reaching a range of between 14 – 15 mm.

It has a system of non-slip silicone spheres that secure it firmly to surfaces. Its battery is composed of 1500 mAh lithium-ion and 5 W power.

In addition, it has a 100 lm lighting flux. The YEELIGHT LED Clip-on lamp offers the user a comfortable and efficient mobile lighting option. The long battery life offers a good disposition to any type of work or task, the USB port recharging design gives the easy alternative to quickly continue activities.

Model: Yeelight Portable Led Lamp

The Yeelight portable lamp offers you a design that is pleasing to the eye, standing out for its functionality and elegance. Its arm imitates the flexibility of a swan’s neck, so we can mold it to fix it in the desired position at all times, since it will remain stable.

This is possible thanks to its metallic structure covered with a silicone exterior that is very pleasant to the touch. Its base, built in ABS, It is tactile, so the three buttons that regulate the 5 light modes are integrated into the design. The lamp, working without cable, is very comfortable to carry wherever you go.

It has an adjustable color temperature and brightness. It consists of 60 mini lights and allows you to regulate the range of the color temperature between 2700 K a 6500 K.

Thanks to its integrated battery 2000 mAh rechargeable, the lamp can last up to 5 hours on a single charge. It has a power of 5W.

Model: Yeelight Charging Folding Table Lamp YLTD11YL

The YLTD11YL is available in two colors: red and white. Its design is minimalist and its hinge can be opened up to 120º relative to the vertical of the lamp. Closed, the space it occupies is minimal.

Has a battery of 1800 mAh that will give you an autonomy of up to 40 hours in its softest mode. Its color temperature is fixed at 3700K, and its maximum intensity reaches up to 200 lm.

Its base is equipped with small non-slip strips. To turn on the table lamp, just press one button. It has 3 brightness modes and can be changed by successively pressing the button. To deactivate Xiaomi Yeelight Folding, you have to go through all the brightness modes or hold the key for a few seconds. The lamp has no memory mode, the brightness will always be minimal when turned on.

The brightness temperature is 3700 K. Charging is safer and the power is cut off automatically when the temperature reaches 48 ℃. This desk lamp is a good purchase option within the lamps that accept home automation options from Xiaomi and Yeelight.


These are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation optionsThese are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation options

Model: Philips LED Stand Table Lamp

The Philips LED Stand Table Lamp stands out for its aesthetics and small size 17.30 x 39.30 x 42.30 cm so it will be easy to place it on your desk or tables without taking up too much space. The color temperature is 4000K, the right one to create a pleasant and bright area.

The main focus is designed with an illumination angle of 90 cm and its central glow up 1200lux It is ideal to avoid glare and improve your eye health.

The light control sensor keys are built into the lamp itself, making it easy for you to adjust the lighting to your needs. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi so that you can fully control the lighting remotely with the application installed on your Smartphone.


These are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation optionsThese are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation options

Model: Xiaomi Mijia & Philips Table Lamp 2S

This Xiaomi desk lamp offers a body flexible which makes it possible to place it in almost unthinkable positions and which, fortunately, make it possible to illuminate almost anywhere. The base includes a touch panel that makes it possible to manually achieve the cold or warm tone that is sought at all times – 4000K is reached – which includes intensity points.

Reach the 1,100 lumens and offers a secondary element that emits light just above the base, which ensures that the lamp can always be found even though the room is dark. Among the great novelties we find the inclusion of the standard RA90, a complete system capable of achieving much more uniform and extensive lighting.

As is usual for this type of product, the new Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp 2S is fully compatible with Xiaomi’s Mi Home application.

These are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation optionsThese are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation options

Model: Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Pro

Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Pro can be adjusted through a total of three flexible shafts. In this way it can reach a height of 66 cm with a maximum irradiation diameter of 125 cm.

Count with one Strobe current analog dimming mechanism. With that I knowFollows less eye fatigue. As is usual in this type of product, its configuration, customization of color, brightness and schedule programming can be done through the application Mi Home from Xiaomi or Yeelight.

We have analyzed this Xiaomi desk lamp and you will find our analysis in this link. Without a doubt, it is the most recommended to buy.

These are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation optionsThese are Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamps that accept home automation options

Model: Xiaomi Mijia Table Lamp Lite

This desk lamp from Xiaomi It has a powerful illumination of up to 1,200 lumens and an articulated arm capable of being regulated in any direction.

It is made of white ABS plastic. It has a small touch button that allows us to activate up to 3 lighting levels.

Its 8W LED lighting offers a color temperature of 4.000K and a total amount of light of 1,200 lumens. In addition, it guarantees gradual illumination of up to 545 lumens in a radius of 30cm and 197 lumens in a radius of 50cm.

So far our list of Xiaomi and Yeelight desk lamp

Giving our reading place a focused light can help us improve our speed and our concentration when carrying out activities. That is why if at this moment you are teleworking and looking for a good desk lamp, these are the best purchase options in the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Seeing all the variety that Yeelight and Xiaomi lamps offer you in the world of home automation, after reading this guide you will be able to choose the one that best suits your home and assistants.

We remind you that we have more help articles and product compilation in our guides section.

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