Xiaomi has released super cheap 4K TVs for the price of a smartphone


4K TV for the price of a smartphone

The company Xiaomi has updated the Mi TV smart TV line, showing four models of different levels: ultra budget, two tops and a middle class. The new items vary in size (from 32 to 60 inches), supported resolution (from HD to Ultra HD) and amount of internal memory, and their cost, announced only for the Chinese market, ranges from $ 165 to $ 600 (from 10.5 to 38.2 thousand rubles at the rate of the Central Bank on April 23, 2019, respectively). For comparison, for 38 thousand rubles. in Russia, it is possible to buy the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9. The televisions are already available for pre-order in China, and the question of their appearance and cost in other countries remains open.

Budget models

The updated range of Xiaomi smart TVs opens models with 32 and 43 inch screens. The smaller TV supports HD resolution (1366×768 pixels) and is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of permanent memory. A larger TV produces an image already in Full HD format (1920×1080 pixels) and the memory it contains is 1 GB operating and 8 GB internal.

Xiaomi Mi TV 32 and 43 inches

Both models are based on a 64-bit processor, have built-in Wi-Fi Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz modules and boast Dolby Audio + DTS HD audio technologies. They cost, respectively, $ 165 (10.5 thousand rubles). And $ 300 (19.1 thousand rubles).

Ultra HD for everyone

The two remaining Xiaomi Mi TVs with 55 and 65-inch screens support Ultra HD or 4K resolution and HDR mode. The recommended price for new products is $ 450 (28.7 thousand rubles) and $ 600 (38.2 thousand rubles). Like the younger TVs, there is the 64-bit processor and the Dolby Audio and DTS HD technologies along with the Bluetooth module, and the Wi-Fi module is already dual band – 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Cheap 4K Xiaomi TV with thin frames

The amount of memory in both TVs is the same and is 8 GB for the built-in and 2 GB for operation. The producer does not disclose the list of interfaces for any of the TVs presented in the Mi TV line.

Interesting features

All new Xiaomi Mi TVs have very thin screen frames (including the lower one), a minimum thickness case and two supports instead of a central leg for greater stability. They are also united by the presence of the Google Android TV platform and the 2.0 version of the Patchwall interface. The package includes a remote control with Bluetooth and voice control.

Updated line Xiaomi Mi TV

Patchwall is a recent development of Xiaomi, an add-on for Android TV with self-learning algorithms. In fact, it is an intelligent assistant for searching and selecting films, videos, cartoons, TV series and other multimedia content, based on the user's preferences. The shell takes into account the interests of different users, which makes it possible to differentiate content, for example, for parents and children. In Patchwall 2.0, Xiaomi has improved information selection algorithms and has generally improved shell stability.

For aesthetes

In addition to the TV Mi TV main line, Xiaomi also showed a separate Mi ART model for art lovers. It is a 65-inch smart TV on a Samsung matrix with 4K resolution and HDR support, whose outer part is decorated with a 14mm anodized aluminum frame. This decision gives Mi ART a similarity to the image, and its software is integrated with a special "Art Mode" "artistic" mode, thanks to which personal photos and paintings of great artists can be displayed on the screen.


Xiaomi Mi ART does not stand out from the picture

Mi ART consists of two separate units: the screen itself and the main module with which the display is connected using a proprietary interface with a bandwidth of 18 Gb / s. Filling the main unit, in addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 5 GHz and Dolby Audio and DTS HD audio technologies, it includes a six-channel soundbar, a 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.8 GHz, a & # 39 ; 32GB drives and 2GB of RAM, and a subwoofer is included with the remote control. The list of connectors includes 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB-A and Ethernet.


I ART – screen, main module and subwoofer

Xiaomi Mi ART TV is available for order in China at a price of $ 1.040 (66.3 thousand rubles). Note that Xiaomi's idea of ​​turning the smart TV into an image is not new – Samsung has used a similar principle for several years in its series of televisions The Frame.

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