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Unlike previous versions, MIUI 12 focuses squarely on user security and privacy. New permissions that allow us to restrict access to third-party applications and that have now been improved with a new access control to gallery and storage.

As detailed from ITHome, Xiaomi has started to implement a new privacy protection system through the internal beta of MIUI 12. This time, these new permissions are aimed at protect our privacy through access to the photo gallery and directly from the social communication applications that have access to it.

In itself, this new implementation will protect access, whether read or write, to the internal storage of our Xiaomi. With that, access to directories focused on the gallery of our smartphone will be blocked, as well as those related to social applications.

This new mechanism will work with dialog boxes similar to those for accessing the clipboard.

Like the last permission system implemented to the clipboard, this new protection will require user intervention to allow an application to access the directories from which the gallery itself is fed, that is, to the folders DCIM, Camera Y Screenshots.

In addition, access to these same directories by social messaging applications will also be protected. As it is a beta aimed at the MIUI Chinese ROM, at the moment it has only been implemented in applications such as WeChat Y QQ.

With this, Xiaomi continues forward in its ambitious proposal to protect the privacy of its users, thereby cleaning up old accusations of stealing infinity of compromising information. Even so, at the moment these measures are only directed to the MIUI Chinese ROM so it will still take us to see them in the Global.

Source | ITHome

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