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Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G: a version in the usual prices of the brand

Xiaomi today organized an online conference to announce its two new flagships: the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. A third model was invited to the party, in the person of the Mi 10 Lite, the most accessible of the new range.

As we have seen, the release of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro has been accompanied by huge price inflation. 999 € for the Pro version and 799 € for the basic version: prices almost doubled compared to the brand’s previous smartphones, particularly the Xiaomi Mi 9. Fortunately, with this Mi 10 Lite, the Chinese company has thought of people who don’t want to invest that much money in a smartphone. Count 399 € to get it.

A much more affordable 5G model

Long recognized for its unbeatable smartphones at a lower price, it seems that Xiaomi has decided to take the next step with the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. But never mind, fans of the first hour will not be outdone with this Mi 10 Lite. A discount version in terms of label, but not at the level of its technical sheet.

As its name suggests, it will be equipped with 5G like its big brothers. By cons, it will not have the Snapdragon 865 and its 5G modem, but the Snapdragon 765G which directly integrates the X52 modem for 5G connectivity. However, it should be powerful enough to be suitable for everyday use. It offers a slightly smaller accumulator than its colleagues with 4,160 mAh. The mark indicates that it will be able to charge quickly up to 20 W, far from the 50 W of which the Mi 10 Pro is capable.

In terms of design, the device is very similar to the two at the top of the basket. The only real difference is on the back since the arrangement of the sensors is completely different. In fact, here we are abandoning the vertical arrangement for something more square, more “baking sheet”. Four sensors are therefore placed. The main one is 48 megapixels. The other three were not discussed at the conference.

The slab is not outdone compared to the two superior models, with a 6.5 inch Amoled display, but flat, devoid of curvatures like those of the Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10. No punch notch, no more: here is the return of the notch in the shape of a water drop. The latter accommodates a 16 megapixel front sensor.

This is what you can now get for less than 400 € at Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer has clearly shown that it has joined the big league with this fairly substantial price increase. It remains to be seen whether fans from the first hour will follow or if they will have no choice but to turn to this model. However, it must be recognized that the Chinese firm has shown a quite impressive tour de force. Indeed, this Mi 10 Lite 5G can boast of being the most affordable 5G smartphone in France – even if, for the moment, that does not mean much.


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