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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro test: our opinion, our measurements in the lab

For its Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi multiplies the photo modules. They are thus five to share the back of the mobile. On the program, a main module of 108 Mpx, an ultra wide-angle, a 2x telephoto, a 5x telephoto as well as a macro module.

Main moduleUltra wide angle2x telephoto5x telephotoMacro
108 megapixels20 megapixel12 megapixel8 megapixel2 megapixel
f / 1.7f / 2.2f / 2.0f / 2.4f / 2.2
eq. 24 mmeq. 13 mmeq. 48 mmeq. 121 mm

Main module: 108 megapixels, f / 1.7, eq. 24 mm

As on the Mi 10, this pro version comes with a 108 MP module. We detailed its performance in full definition in a dedicated article (see below), here are its results in 25 MP.

By default, the main module of the Mi 10 Pro does not capture its shots in 108 MP. It uses the technique of pixel bining. This consists of merging 4 pixels into one. This process makes it possible to obtain 4 times larger photosites at night, and thus to capture more light. This gives shots in 27 Mpx to which Xiaomi makes a last modification. In order to limit problems due to the optics and in particular the distortion, the manufacturer slightly reframes its image. So we get 25MP shots.

In broad daylight, the pictures prove to be of excellent qualities. The level of detail is satisfactory, the colors are respected, we still note a slightly pronounced accentuation.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (27 Mpx, eq. 24 mm, f / 1.7, ISO 139, 1/100)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (25 Mpx, eq. 26 mm, f / 1.7, ISO 75, 1/100)

In low light, the Mi 10 Pro reacts slightly differently than the Mi 10. So, instead of smoothing excessively like the latter, it manages to obtain a rather satisfactory compromise.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (27 Mpx, eq. 24 mm, f / 1.7, ISO 2215, 1/6)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (25 Mpx, eq. 26 mm, f / 1.7, ISO 1 078, 1/5)

Ultra wide-angle module: 20 megapixels, f / 2.2, equ. 13 mm

The ultra wide-angle module of the Mi 10 Pro is rather clean at night. The mobile does very little smoothing and retains a good sharpness in the center of the shot. It is a little less good on the outskirts, however, but nothing surprising for such a mobile.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (20 Mpx, equ. 16 mm, f / 2.2, ISO 214, 1/50)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (20 Mpx, eq. 13 mm, f / 2.2, ISO 115, 1/50)

By night, however, the results are of very poor quality. Xiaomi has chosen to dramatically smooth its shots. We thus obtain completely blurred and not very exploitable zones. And this, despite a white balance rather respected on the whole.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (20 Mpx, eq. 16 mm, f / 2.2, ISO 9 600, 1/14)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (20 Mpx, eq. 13 mm, f / 2.2, ISO 4 800, 1/14)

2x telephoto module: 12 Mpx, f / 2.0, equ. 48 mm

The 2x telephoto module of the Mi 10 Pro is not very satisfactory. During the day, his photos are very strongly accentuated and give way to slight chromatic aberrations. It remains usable without being very good.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (12 Mpx, eq. 41 mm, f / 1.7, ISO 214, 1/50)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (12 Mpx, equ. 48 mm, f / 2.0, ISO 90, 1/100)

At night, the Mi 10 Pro resumes its unwanted smoothing. The colors disappear at the same time as the very weak dive. It is therefore difficult to recommend this module at night.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (12 Mpx, eq. 41 mm, f / 2.1, ISO 6 400, 1/33)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (12 Mpx, equ. 48 mm, f / 2.0, ISO 3200, 1/20)

5x telephoto module: 8 Mpx, f / 2.4, equ. 121 mm

This module is still a little worse than the 2x. We detailed his performance in a dedicated article, but, in short, it is only of little relevance.

Portrait, video and front module mode

At the front, in its punch located in the upper left corner, the Mi 10 Pro offers a front module equipped with a 20 MP sensor as well as a lens opening to f / 2.0. This one offers selfies of good quality, and moreover realistic, as long as we take the trouble to remove the different beauty filters. The smartphone is also capable of filming in 8K at 30 fps thanks to its back module and its Snapdragon 865 chip. The result is quite good, with sufficient fluidity and relevant light management.


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