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For many years, various "smart" wrist gadgets have been launched on the market, which are increasingly being created by various manufacturers. Thus, already in mid-2019, the public will be presented with a novelty called Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which will receive the long-awaited feature that everyone has long dreamed of. Without it, now it is really tight, because due to the use of its low-cost counterpart, any wrist gadget does not seem too appealing immediately after purchase.

The fact is that the front of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 wristbands is protected from the physical impact with the help of transparent plastic, and obviously not of the highest quality. This leads to the fact that already some days after the beginning of careful use, some scratches appear on the tracker, and therefore also occurs rubbing. They can arise, for example, from a jacket with rigid sleeves or winter gloves.

Of course, Xiaomi wrist gadgets cost from 1 to 2 thousand rubles, so this problem can not be defined critical, however, the manufacturer gradually learns from their mistakes, so the tempered glass waits for users in the new model instead of plastic. Of course, it will still be possible to scratch it in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, but it will take a long time to do so. Not only does it better withstand the physical impact, but it gives the whole gadget a more attractive appearance.

According to some reports, for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, initially the manufacturer wanted to use Corning Gorilla Glass 3, but eventually decided to rely on one of the Chinese brands, because it turned out to be cheaper almost three times at a cost. This glass will receive an oil repellent coating to prevent the appearance of greasy marks and fingerprints. The new way to protect the screen is guaranteed for all fans, because it will be a dozen times more effective, and moreover – more attractive to the eyes, because the curved glass always looks better than a transparent plastic at low cost.

Previously, other details about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 sports bracelet were revealed, including the characteristics and start date of the sales.

Until December 30th, included, everyone has the unique opportunity to receive free Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless headphones, spending only 2 minutes of their personal time.

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