Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is the best smartphone in the world, which is why


Every year, Chinese brands appreciate all sorts of new products more and more often, as a result of which their branded products are gaining more and more popularity among customers all over the world. Today, July 13, 2019, the network received information on such a novelty, such as Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. As a result of the information published, it was possible to conclude that this flagship is aimed at the role of the best phone in the world, which will not be alone equipped the latest technology, but also get the latest design. On images placed in the network, you can see that the display of the mobile device takes up almost all the space on the front, and only the bottom has a small frame.

The display itself, apparently, is made with AMOLED technology and a fingerprint scanner is incorporated in it, but the optics or ultrasounds are not yet known precisely. The screen is curved on the sides, making the smartphone even more expensive. The most interesting thing is that in Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the producer has decided not to make cuts on the screen. Instead, he used the design of a retractable front camera, whose resolution will be 20 megapixels. It will be extended from the top each time it is needed, and it will retract automatically.

The case of the flagship smartphone is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 tempered glass, meaning the mobile device will be able to withstand the physical impact extremely well, and this is guaranteed to satisfy all buyers. For the rest, among other things, a triple main camera with a vertical arrangement of all lenses is waiting at the back of the users' case. Right underneath was a place for a powerful LED flash. Also on the back of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is the logo of the manufacturer and the line, which includes the entire mobile device. On one side end there is a button for quick voice assistant launch.

At the same time, users can reconfigure it through the operating system so, for example, to start modem mode or quickly turn on the camera. With a combination of factors, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will become one of the most advanced smartphones with Android on the market, and if one takes into account its cost at $ 600 (38,000 rubles), it turns out that it simply has no analogues, because all competitors are worth the double. It only remains to await the official presentation of such a model, and should take place in October of this year, and this will be held in China.

Earlier it was learned that Xiaomi Redmi 8 and Redmi Note 8 buyers could not hold back the pleasure.

Until July 14, included, everyone has the opportunity to get a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet for free, spending only 1 minute of their personal time.

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