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Xiaomi launched the announcement of its two devices, xiaomi redmi note 10 and xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, in the third month of 2021, to outperform some of their competitors in the mid-range devices.

Therefore, it was necessary to take a closer look at the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, and compare it with the Pro version.

xiaomi redmi note 10 phone specifications

The mid-range xiaomi redmi note 10, released on March 4, 2021, has a design similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11 phone, and the cover is made of plastic and glass, and the frame is also made of plastic with a glass back.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the ability of the Redmi Note 10 to resist water droplets as well as dust, as it is not allowed to enter the device. The redmi note 10 comes with a 6.43-inch screen, of the famous and distinctive type of Super AMOLED, with a resolution of about 1080 * 2400 pixels. Plus, Gorning Gorilla Glass 3 has a shock-resistance protection layer.

As for the Redmi Note 10 processor, it is an octa-core processor, of the type snapdragon 678, with a manufacturing accuracy of 11 nm, as for the graphics processor it is of the type Adreno 612, and its speed of image and color processing is 800 MHz.

As for the large capacity battery, which amounted to 5000 mAh, it supports fast charging with a capacity of 33 watts, but what is wrong with it is that it is not removable in the event of any failure.

Turning to the memories, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 comes in two versions with 6/4 GB random LPDDR4X memory, with a giant internal memory of 128/64 GB of UFS 2.2, which can accommodate many files of various types, and for those who do not have this memory For it, the Redmi Note 10 supports a separate port for external memory up to about one terabyte.

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As is the case with most devices, the Xiaomi Note 10 has been released with two SIM cards, and this device supports the second, third and fourth generation networks, and it came with stereo speakers with dual speakers and a headphone jack with a 3.5 mm slot.

Redmi Note 10 supports the fingerprint, integrated with the power button, and it also supports a group of sensors such as accelerometer, proximity, compass, gyroscope and barometer.

xiaomi redmi note 10 camera specifications

The Xiaomi Note 10 has a quad-lens rear camera, the main accuracy of which is 48 mega pixel camera, and the zoom lens is 8 mega pixel camera, while the accuracy of the macro lens and the zoom lens is 2 mega pixel camera, and most important of all is that the front camera came with an accuracy of 13 mega pixel.

After mentioning everything related to the Xiaomi redmi note 10, it’s time to explain everything big and small about it:

xiaomi redmi note 10 screen

The screen came in a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED screen, as we mentioned above, with a resolution of 1080 * 2400 pixels, with a pixel density of 409 pixels per inch, which makes the colors and image purity high, but what was expected is that the Redmi Note 10 will come with a screen of a type AMOLED, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, as announced by the company earlier.

And that wonderful screen of this wonderful device has a good acquisition rate of about 83.5% and it comes with a length of 160.46 mm, a width of 74.5 mm and a thickness of 8.3 mm, with dimensions of 20: 9, and the screen brightness is approximately 1100 lumens, and it gives 16 million different colors. While the Redmi note 10 pro was released with a larger 6.67-inch screen and FHD + resolution.

device power

The Redmi Note 10 features a processor with very good specifications, as it comes from the snapdragon 678 type, which is an octa-core processor with two chips, the first is a dual-core processor at a speed of 2.2 GHz Cortex-A76, and the other chip is a hexa-core at 2.0 GHz with a type Cortex-A55, with a manufacturing accuracy of 11 nm.

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While the Redmi Note 10 comes with an Adreno 612 graphics processor, with two cores, operating at 800MHz, with two options for 6/4GB RAM of LPDDR4X type, also at 1866MHz, and an internal memory of UFS 2.2 with a capacity of 128/ 64 GB.

As for the Redmi Note 10 pro processor, it was a snapdragon 732, which outperforms its counterpart in the Redmi Note 10.

Battery power

The phone includes a high-performance battery equivalent to 5000 mAh, which gives it the ability to withstand more than a full day, with the use of various applications as well as the network connection.

The Redmi Note 10 battery also supports 33W fast charging, which can be charged in just 74 minutes.

device operating system

The Redmi Note 10 phone works with the Android 11 system, which is the same system that the Redmi Note 10 pro works with, which is distinguished from the Android 10 system in that it provides easy access to incoming messages from different applications, and it also supports screen recording, so that the user can record video.

User Interface Pros and Cons

User Interface Pros and Cons

The system works with an operating interface of the MUI 12 type, where this interface is characterized by the professional camera application, which means the ability to use it with high-quality images for a long time, and the phone will support the MUI 12.5 version, but the only negative that appears on it, is that it contains a lot of applications redundant and useless.

device camera

In comparison to the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 pro in terms of cameras, each of them has four rear cameras, the main one for Redmi Note 10 is 48 megapixels with an F / 1.8 lens slot, and the zoom is 8 megapixels with an F / 2.2 lens slot. While the macro is 2 megapixels with an F/2.4 lens slot, the depth lens is 2 megapixels with an F/2.4 lens slot, and the front camera is 13 megapixels with an F/2.5 lens slot, in the form of a notch.

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While the resolution of the cameras on the Redmi Note 10 pro is 108,8,5,2 respectively, while the front is 16 megapixels in the form of a hole in the screen.

These cameras are characterized by their ability to shoot 4K video at 30 fps, 1080p resolution at 60/30fps, and 720p resolution at 120/240/960fps. While the front camera supports HDR photography, but with all of the above, the performance of the cameras is still very normal, but acceptable for its average price.

xiaomi redmi note 10 phone price

Its price starts from $ 200 and reaches $ 253, and the price varies from place to place, and from one copy to another, and when sold, the phone is issued in three multiple colors: black, white and green.

Although there is great competition between hardware companies, especially in the middle category, the Redmi Note 10 managed to sit on the throne of these devices, which made it a favorite of many users.

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