Xiaomi Security Error. We show you the solution

Suddenly, at 7:30 p.m. this afternoon in Spain, thousands of users have had an error on the screen of their Xiaomi smartphones. As if it were a programmed error, Xiaomi users with MIUI have had the message on the screen saying: Security still not working.

An unusual error that has been triggered in the form of a message on the screen in thousands of users at a specific time of day, the reason is unknown at the moment. But what we do know is how to solve it and therefore follow the following steps to be able to use your smartphone with peace of mind.

MIUI Xiaomi Security Error

So that this error does not show up anymore, you must search the Security app on your Xiaomi smartphone: Press on the application for a few seconds and the option of> Application information will be displayed> enter and click on> Clear data. If the error persists we must press the option to uninstall updates.

In this way the error of Security continues to fail It will have disappeared and we can use our Xiaomi smartphone normally. It is not the final solution, but we can solve it until Xiaomi launches a new version of the app that eliminates the error completely.

If this error happens to you in other apps, repeat the same process. There may be unstable data that is best cleaned and repaired.

If you come across rare bugs that you haven’t been able to resolve, your best bet is to run a bug report. For it visit this guide in which we tell you how to report errors in Xiaomi MIUI so that developers can carry out a study of the problem and fix it in a future system update.

You will find more help guides to get more out of your smartphone or home in the following link.

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