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Entertainment Center/Reported by Lam Wai Fan

▲ “Little Fatty Matthew” is determined to shoot AV. The plot is to hold his girlfriend’s hand tightly and fight Meng Ruoyu meleely. (Photo / Wei Zhiyu, Meng Ruoyu Facebook)

AV director Wei Zhiyu recently held an amateur AV actor audition together with actress Li Yanjin and Internet celebrity little brother Ai Li. A total of more than 500 people signed up, more than 50 were selected for the finals, and the last 18 competed. The champion can compete with “Darkness” Rainie Yang” Meng Ruoyu was filming AV, but I didn’t expect the champion “Ashuo” and the replacement “Bantou” to abstain one after another due to family factors. Qi Zhiyu also announced on Facebook today (2nd) that “Little Fatty Matthew” will shoot the AV, and exposed the plot as he clenched his girlfriend’s hand and fought Meng Ruoyu meleely!

▲ “Little Fatty Matthew” is determined to shoot AV. The plot is to hold his girlfriend’s hand tightly and fight Meng Ruoyu meleely. (Photo/Meng Ruoyu Facebook)

▲The AV male actor audition champion “Ashuo” and the runner-up “Mantou” abstained from voting. (Picture / Flip through Wei Zhiyu’s Facebook)

The first AV male talent audition was originally performed by a hot pot restaurant employee “Ashuo” who performed the “air dry dance” to show off his waist and won the audition championship. Unexpectedly, Ah Shuo gave up being a male actor due to the pressure of his family, and the replacement champion “Mantou” also abstained yesterday. Let Qi Zhiyu criticize “The possibility of Taiwanese men speaking out from this audition is very high. I don’t think Meng Ruoyu’s attractiveness is not high enough.” Announced “It’s confirmed that chubby Matthew will play Meng Ruoyu! Finally today, the muscle man didn’t return to me, so Matthew became the champion, and there is no problem with family and girlfriend.” Zhiyu began to write his first exclusive plot “Currently I feel that there is a kind of boyfriend in Japanese AV who is having sex with an actress, and then one of the boyfriend’s hands is holding his girlfriend tightly, and the plot of the girlfriend watching in the super close-up area is full of fun.”

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▲▼ “Little Fatty Matthew” and the champion male actor Asuo Battle air dry dance, Qi Zhiyu praised him for his liking. (Picture / Retrieved from Wei Zhiyu’s Facebook)

However, Zhiyu Zhiyu also complained that “those who abstained all had the figure of a fitness trainer, so they shouldn’t participate in the competition just to advertise, my doubts?” “Pleasant and courageous”, because all the contestants were accompanied by boys and friends, only Matthew was the most kind. He brought his girlfriend to accompany him, and his girlfriend also supported him as an AV actor, so I chose him. , the plot is also very well written. The point is that he is six centimeters longer than Deng Jiahua below. I don’t need to say more about Deng Jiahua. Everyone knows that it is a lighter.”

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