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Many users, fans of Sony's mobile technology, have not somehow gotten used to expecting the company to experiment with new trends and trends in the construction of an ideal mobile device: society is known for its traditionalism and even conservatism. . However, this time the company surprises its users by introducing the new render-art of the new lightweight Xperia XZ4 Compact, designed to become the younger brother of Xperia XZ4, with a reduced cost and the opportunity to please fans of the corners inclined and elongated. However, surprises clearly do not end up in the part of the company.

Xperia XZ Compact, it seems, will be quite interesting and at the same time a strange smartphone, in the sense that it has the recognizable style and owner of Sony, while exhibiting unusual curves and elongated sides. With a 5-inch display and an aspect ratio of 18: 9, this model is designed primarily to attract fans of the traditional form factor of Sony's mobile technology.

However, given the appearance of OnLeaks render-art, it can be assumed that the design of the new device was achieved by matching the design and design elements of the Xperia XZ1, XZ2 and XZ4 models. The compact version, as you would expect, will be more compact and convenient, but this does not mean "better" at all. In general, Sony is in no hurry to share with his fans and other public news about his plans for the development of the Xperia line, not to mention the experimentation of some elements.

The new design of the device – if, of course, remains as such – is a rather interesting and rather unusual approach. It remains to wait for the final announcement and release of the device itself, which should take place in the next 2019. Whatever it was, in the meantime, Sony has some problems with the implementation of its previous models and accessories projects, so it is unlikely to proceed with XZ4 Compact without completing them.


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