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For years, Sony has stumbled on the smartphone market. From the previous success, the Japanese are miles away. If the Xperia XZ4 wished you? At least one point of criticism that has been expressed many times seems to have taken the producer to heart – and praises the improvement.

Hope for the marketing boss: Xperia XZ4 could solve Sony's biggest problem

Source: GIGA.

It is paradoxical: although Sony supplies many high-profile smartphone manufacturers with camera sensors, but it never manages to reach the major segment of cameras for the absolute Champions League. Even the excellent Xperia XZ3 had to fight in the test with this weakness. If it goes to Sony's marketing director, Don Mesa, the successor could finally conclude with this famous Achilles heel.

Sony Xperia XZ4: camera much better than its predecessor

"We hope to offer a much better photographic experience," Mesa told Digital Trends colleagues about the Xperia XZ4. What exactly does the manager of Sony mean, but it is not clear. The latest rumors are that Sony will be the same as Huawei, with the Xperia XZ4 set on a triple.

In addition to the triple camera, the Sony Xperia XZ4 under the hood can not compromise and, among other things, has a 6.55-inch OLED display with a 21: 9 aspect ratio, powered by the fast Snapdragon 855 processor, on Android Run 9 cake and you have a strong battery of 3,900 mAh on board.

What the Sony Xperia XZ4 looks like, you can see here:

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Sony Xperia XZ4 in photos: a look at the extraordinary top smartphone for 2019.

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Sony Xperia XZ4: but not a compact version?

Recently, there were hopes that Sony could once again offer the Xperia XZ4 one of the most popular Compact versions. When asked about this, the man from Sony is cryptic: "We kept Compact versions for a long time because they were easier to use," explains Don Mesa. "There's always room for screens of different sizes, but people want bigger screens (…)" At least indirectly, Sony's marketing chief denies a more compact version of the Xperia XZ4.


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