XX How to kill Sunmi’s tears after revealing malicious comments

Singer Sunmi was moved by the malicious comments.

After posting a capture of the malicious comment on her Twitter on the 11th, Sunmi said, “What did I do so wrong? What should I do? In which part did I hate to look like that and wanted to kill me? Is it because of the standards?” he complained.

In the captured version he released, ‘How to kill Sunmi Lee XX’, ‘Don’t release Sunmi album. It contains primary criticism such as ‘I’m going to swear at Melon in real time’.

Sunmi said, “I’ve been monitoring up until now and tried to tell a story that more people can relate to. I really want to know what I can do for my friends at every moment. Please support our friends more diligently.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi is appearing as a K-pop master on Mnet’s survival program ‘Girls Planet 999’.

(Photo = Yonhap News/SNS capture)

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