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Yahaira Plasencia she decided to respond to the criticism after her interview at ‘Premios Lo Nuestro’ where she declared that ‘she is the only Peruvian doing salsa’.

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In the latest edition of ‘América Hoy’, he considered that his words were misinterpreted, however, he does not believe that he has told any lie.

After your trip to Miami for the Lo Nuestro Awards, do you still think that you are the only successful salsa singer in Peru?”, asked Janet Barboza live.

Jefferson Farfán’s ex affirmed that before giving statements she thinks about it well, because she knows that they always get news of what she says. Therefore, she pointed out that she referred to the fact that she was the only Peruvian woman nominated for this contest. “I think about what I say 20 times before saying it because what I say is always news. I knew they were going to get something out of there, but not that. I was referring to the fact that she was the only Peruvian salsa singer in the shortlist nominated and I said Peruvian woman because they were all men. She was Marc Anthony, Romeo Santos and Prince Royce”, he expressed.

Likewise, Yahaira indicated that the musical genre is growing in our country and in this sense he remembered his former leader Paula Arias, to whom he sent greetings.

I always say that the Peruvian industry is growing, there are many women taking this genre forward. I send a kiss to all of you and especially to my Pau”, he stated.

I believe that my answer was correct, those who understood in a way, it is each one’s subject. I respect and love each of my colleagues very much, we all row for the same thing”, he concluded.

Yahaira Plasencia clarifies her controversial statements



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