Yahya Waloni Apologizes to Christians

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The suspect in the alleged blasphemy case, Yahya Waloni convey apology to the public, especially the Christian, related to a statement he once made in one of the lectures uploaded on YouTube.

Yahya’s apology was conveyed after the judge read out the decision to withdraw the pretrial submitted by his former attorney, Abdullah Alkatiri at the South Jakarta District Court (PN Jaksel).

“In front of the audience, in front of the dignitaries, and in front of the journalists, I apologize to the entire Indonesian community, especially to my fellow Christians,” said Yahya in the PN Jaksel conference room, Monday (27/9).

According to Yahya, the problem he is facing is not a serious matter but only a matter of ethics and morality. In fact, according to him, the Prophet Muhammad always put forward good morals.

As a person who grew up in an environment that teaches norms and morals, he admits that he made a mistake because he did not set a good example in preaching so that he went beyond the boundaries of ethics in society.

“What I really regret after seeing the video is that it doesn’t match what I’ve been pursuing as a preacher,” said Yahya.

Yahya then thanked the panel of judges and stated that he would face a legal process that ensnared him with a manly. Yahya hopes that he will gain wisdom from God so that he can become an exemplary preacher.

In response to this, the sole judge of the South Jakarta District Court Anry Widyo Laksono said that the agenda for the trial was not a material examination. However, he considered that Yahya’s apology was his right.

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“It is your right to convey it because coincidentally there are also many people present here,” said Anry.

Yahya is known to have made statements that allegedly insulted other religions in one of his lectures. In the lecture which was recorded and uploaded to Youtube, Yahya called the Bible false and fictitious.

He was then reported by the Love Pluralism Society on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 with register Number: LP/B/0287/IV/2021/BARESKRIM and was named a suspect.

After some time, Yahya’s former attorney, Abdullah Alkatiri, submitted a pretrial for Yahya’s case to the South Jakarta District Court. Apparently, the lawsuit was filed without Yahya’s knowledge. The preacher then wrote a letter stating that the pretrial and power he had given Abdullah was revoked.

The sole judge, PN Jaksel, then asked Yahya about this decision several times in the conference.

“I ask again, brother, Yahya Waloni, just emphasize whether you still want to continue this pretrial or will you continue to use the legal representative who is present today?” asked Anry.

“No (continue the pretrial) Your Honor, I cancel,” said Yahya.

Anry then granted the request for revocation of this pretrial. Because, Yahya did not allow his case to be brought to pretrial.

“By itself the application for revocation is meant to be granted,” Anry said.


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