Yamil Ureña: Ping Pong with the villain from Get on my motorcycle

Yamil Ureña, from Puerto Rico to the world.

Yamil Ureña, from Puerto Rico to the world.

For Yamil Ureña, this is his first major international acting role. The big jump in popularity comes from the hand of a villain who seems take away the podium from Luisito Rey, the fearsome father of Luis Miguel.

Raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, his childhood was spent between his country and the Cibao region, Dominican Republic. His parents are doctors and it seemed that little Yamil would follow the tradition, since As a boy he fantasized about becoming a pediatrician. However, an artistic vocation was born in him, which led him to study in Mexico and the United States.

His role in Súbete a mi moto not only represented a springboard to the world, it also meant a great interpretive challenge, since it forced him to lose several kilos and move in the timeline of the narrative, since he played Díaz in three periods: the ’70s,’ 80s and ’90s. He was chosen at a casting and in two weeks he was already on the set become the creator of the Boy Band throughout four months of recording. Although Ureña coincided with Edgardo Díaz in the Target Fama singing competition, of the Univisión network in 2008, in which the manager participated as a guest judge, the construction of the character was based on his own acting tools and videos.

With Ricky Martin, not only does he share nationality, but also his birthday, since he was also born on December 24. Like any Puerto Rican, Menudo was not an unknown phenomenon but, as the son of Dominicans, the family idol was Juan Luis Guerra. In the midst of the phenomenon that generated the revival of the group and the dark sides that the series showed of his character, Yamil Ureña accepted the challenge and responded to the TN Show’s Ping Pong.

A movie: The others

A series: Succession, HBO

A TV show: the documentaries

A radio: 80′ S

A diary: The Hollywood Reporter

A book: The Daily Stoic, de Ryan Holiday

A social network: Instagram

Placed: learn from different cultures

A meal: the Thai

A drink: Kombucha (probiotic drink made from sweetened black tea that is fermented by yeast and bacteria)

A place in the world: Italy

A pending trip: Argentina

A little taste: a good wine

People: my family

An actor: Will Smith

An actress: Nicole Smith

A journalist: Anderson Cooper

A tweeter: Stephen Colbert

A musician: Alejandro Sanz

A band: Palo syrup

An idol: Juan Luis Guerra

A diva: Jennifer Lopez

A friend: God

A familiar: my ancestors

A header phrasea: “look for the positive and funny side of each situation”

Good news: the pandemic is over!

A language: the Spanish

An insult: crisis

Gossip: keep me away

A joke: among true friends

A prediction: If I say yes, I’ll do my best

A song: My band plays rock, of Menudo

Secrets: well kept!

A skill: Cook

A fear: you have to work them


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