Entertainment Yana Rudkovskaya congratulated Joseph Prigozhin on his birthday and...

Yana Rudkovskaya congratulated Joseph Prigozhin on his birthday and published an archive video

22:15, 04/02/2020

The TV presenter wished the producer happiness and health.

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Russian stars together congratulate Joseph Prigogine on his birthday. The producer is 51 years old, and celebrities publish touching texts and archival photos and videos. Unfortunately, the quarantine regime due to the coronavirus epidemic did not allow a big birthday celebration, but this did not prevent the stream of warm congratulations from reaching their destination. Among others, Joseph Prigogine was congratulated by TV presenter Yana Rudkovskaya.

“My friend Joseph @prigozhin_iosif today is 51, and this video is from his last year’s anniversary) We well noted, but didn’t yet know that April and this 2020 will be so difficult! I look at this video and smile! Every day I have no connection with this guy! With him I’ll go into reconnaissance and in a very difficult battle! Our friendship is already 17 years old! The number to test friendship is serious! Yosya, you are a man of words and deeds, you know how to make friends and value friendship, you are a wonderful family man, a loving husband who worships his wife, and this is such a rarity in our time! Well, the phrase “Yosya can do anything!” – Has already become a cult about you))! I’m glad that I have such an older comrade like you! Happy Birthday! Be healthy and happy! Respect, hug and always close! Your fighting friend Yana, ”wrote Yana Rudkovskaya (the spelling and punctuation of the author are hereinafter given unchanged – Note ed.) To the congratulations, she attached an archived video from the last anniversary.

Yana Rudkovskaya congratulated Joseph Prigozhin on his birthday and published an archive video

By the way, touching daughter Prigogine wrote and his daughter Danae. She also expressed regret that her father’s birthday fell on such a difficult time for everyone, but noted that mentally she is always there. “Happy Birthday. For me you are first of all dad! I love you madly and want you to be happy, and you are happy. And you yourself know very well that for whatever you undertake, you are always the best! Best dad, best friend, best husband, best music producer, etc. Forgive me, you know why ..) ”- Danae wrote in her microblog.

Note that Joseph Prigozhin celebrated his birthday at home. As the producer himself said, his whole company is himself, his wife and television. Valeria pleased her husband with a delicious dinner, which she herself prepared on such an important occasion. The couple noted that the producer, who is used to socializing and spending holidays with his family and friends, is hard-pressed to endure forced confinement. But even because of such a major event, Prigogine did not violate the regime of self-isolation.

Danae Prigogine congratulated her father and published a video about his birthday

By the way, other stars are trying to adapt to new conditions and mark important dates without leaving home. For example, singer Olga Buzova celebrated the release of a new track at home with her lover David Manukyan. Recently, she emotionally spoke about the introduction of quarantine and those who violate it, so it is not surprising that the TV presenter chose privacy over the holiday in a large company. Like Valeria, Olga prepared a festive dinner and tried to create an appropriate atmosphere. According to the star couple, she succeeded.

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