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Yandex and Hyundai will be engaged in the development of unmanned vehicles

"Yandex" intends to develop the leadership of unmanned taxis through cooperation with the South Korean automaker division

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS

The Russian Yandex and the division of the largest Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Mobis have signed a cooperation agreement. One of the areas of cooperation will be the development of software and hardware for unmanned vehicles, RBC said in the Yandex press service.

New prototypes of unmanned vehicles will be developed on the basis of existing Hyundai and Kia serial cars. "Our drone driving technology is unique and has already demonstrated its scalability. Yandex drones travel successfully in Moscow, Tel Aviv and Las Vegas, which means they can be instructed to drive anywhere. In just two years, we are "From the first tests to the launch of a complete unmanned taxi service. Now, thanks to the partnership with Hyundai Mobis, we hope to move even faster," said Yandex head, Arkady Volozh.

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The joint development of "Yandex" and Hyundai Mobis in the future will be offered to car manufacturers. They can be used to create unmanned vehicles for taxi services and car sharing.

Yandex started testing the first unmanned taxi in Europe in August 2018 in Innopolis, Tatarstan. Two machines work on the route, money is not withdrawn by users. A drone based on the Toyota Prius company in September last year showed President Vladimir Putin. In January, the unmanned "Yandex" taxi tests started in Las Vegas.



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