Yann Moix attacks Laeticia Hallyday: "Let me make money!"


VIDEO – In The Terrans of Saturday! on C8, the former reporter of On is not lying on the rocker's widow who died a year ago.

It has become a tradition inThe terrestrials of the Sabbath! C8: every week, Yann Moix assigns his "Moix d & # 39; or", a sequence in which he gives a lesson to a personality who has marked the news in recent weeks. Saturday night, Laeticia Hallyday was in the sights of the writer and director (watch the video at the head of the article).

"Laeticia Hallyday, for the last year, has bothered us:" Johnny Hallyday made a will in my favor and in favor of my two daughters because the Boeing of Flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines disappeared on March 8, 2014 ", He explained before. Johnny, traumatized by this incident, went to the notary and made a will in favor of Laeticia. The problem is that he went to the notary five days before the accident. We know this, "wrote columnist Thierry Ardisson.

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"In fact, what I adore with Laeticia Hallyday, she should have been a physicist, is that she invented causality on the contrary," said the director of podium. Then he demonstrated the absurdity of this reasoning through several examples. "It's because it slides on the sidewalk that is a banana peel, it was the 1944 landing that pushed Hitler to invade Poland in 1939. Blocks of" yellow jackets "increased the price of gasoline," he said before terrible conclusion for the main interested party. "Because at home, time expires and time is money, and even if it does, money." "Olala," the man in black immediately reacted, then the audience of his program applauded this speech.



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