Yannick, Nathalie and Romain are tired of teleworking: “When is it going to end?”

New restrictive measures took effect on Saturday to slow the spread of the epidemic. Among these measures, we find the return of compulsory teleworking. But this return of teleworking is not very well received by the workers concerned that we have contacted.

The disadvantages seem to take over both for people who have been able to return partially or completely to their place of work and for those who have always remained in this mode of operation.

We don’t see anyone “

For Yannick, computer scientist near Namur, this return to compulsory teleworking does not change his daily life. In his company, he had the right to come back only once a week even when teleworking was no longer compulsory. For him, there are pros and cons: “Unfortunately we got used to it, even if it is not ideal. There are certain advantages: the fact of not having to drive, of not wasting time in traffic jams, and then a certain comfort. saved some money, we eat at home, we don’t move around, so it costs a little less too. But hey, we don’t see anyone. There is all the human side. also to talk with colleagues about other things than work. But when you are in a meeting behind your computer, you are less likely to do so. “

I don’t move at all “

Nathalie, employed for a mutual fund, has been in total telework for 20 months and has only been able to see her colleagues on 4 occasions: “We had very, very few cases so I’m sure teleworking works. But when will it stop? When will I be able to resume my work as normal as before? end up living only in my house. In fact I don’t do anything anymore, I don’t move at all. When we came home from the office and we were outside, we said to each other ‘hey, I’m going to go for a little walk there or a little tour there ‘, because we were passing by. “

Double teleworking in a 25 m²

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Finally, Romain works for him in insurance. He had the opportunity to return to his workplace at least two days a week for a period of time. But there he is again stuck together in a space that is too small. “I live in a 25 m² in Brussels with my girlfriend who also works in a job similar to mine, that is to say that we have a lot of calls to make. And therefore cohabitation is quite difficult because the two of us have to telecommute and we don’t have a separate room except the bathroom. So that means when someone is in a meeting the other is in a meeting too. And we don’t get along anymore. . It’s also complicated in terms of concentration and communication with colleagues who will hear background noise etc. So from my side, it’s really not an easy situation to live with. ”

The admission that the rules in companies do not work?

What’s more, “we can say whatever we want, despite all the tools that exist, there is always a loss of productivity, especially in terms of communication when we are not working side by side in the same place of work “. And then, it is difficult for him to understand this backtracking given all the measures put in place in companies. “Wear the mask when you are not in front of your screen, respect social distancing, meeting rooms limited to a certain number of people, … We see here that following the increase in contamination, it is said that these rules, for them they do not believe. “

Reminder of the rule of returning to telework:

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Teleworking is compulsory in all companies, associations and services, for all people working with them, regardless of the nature of their employment relationship, unless it is impossible due to the nature of the function, the continuity of the management of the company, its activities or its services.

Until December 12, 2021 inclusive, it is possible to go to your place of work maximum one day per week per person. Per day, a maximum of 20% of those for whom teleworking is compulsory can be present simultaneously.

From December 13, 2021, this return time can amount to a maximum of two days per week per person. Per day, a maximum of 40% of those for whom home work is compulsory may be present simultaneously in the establishment unit.

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