Yaya Tour-The Sun, act II. Target of several unfounded rumors about a double life or a hidden child, all issued by the tabloid, the 37-year-old midfielder had obtained the withdrawal of the articles in question and them. public apologies of the media in 2016. More than 4 years later, here is The Sun Once again lays heavy charges against the currently free former Manchester City player. The daily affirms that the Ivorian would have been excluded from a charity match organized by Unicef ​​on Sunday at Old Trafford following his behavior.

And for good reason, the winner of the CAN 2015 would have published on the group Whatsapp from his team, Soccer Aid, a pornographic video showing a naked woman in her bath. The native of Bouaké would then have posted a message proposing to his teammates to bring 19 prostitutes to have a good time on the sidelines of the match. This attitude shocked his partners, and in particular the women present in the team. Despite his apologies and the deletion of several messages, the damage was done.

«At breakfast Friday morning, everyone was talking about that. There was no laughter and no one found it funny at all. Everyone signed up for Soccer Aid with one goal: to raise funds for Unicef. This cast a shadow over the event. Touré was then told this afternoon that the best thing for him to do was ‘go away’», Explained an anonymous internal source quoted by the tabloid. Four years after the first scandal, we dare to imagine that The Sun this time checked his information before publishing such heavy accusations which will damage the reputation of the Ivorian …

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