Yeferson Cossio accident what happened to him and what injuries he suffered

The renowned influencer, Yeferson CossioHe suffered an accident that will leave him unable to walk for five months.

Great impact caused by the images shared by Cintia Cossio, the young man’s sister, and Jennifer Muriel, her partner, who showed on social networks to the digital content creator recovering from a surgery performed on him on Wednesday March 17th.

After counting, with very few details, that Yeferson Cossio had an accident, which is why he had to undergo surgery, this Thursday, March 18, the young man was transferred from the medical center where he was to his home in Medellín, under medical supervision.

From his bed the influencer who had removed her breast implants A few days ago, he published a photograph in which he shows what he looks like after the accident.

“16 fractures, 5 months without walking but I’m fine, life goes on, my projects continue, I’ll only take a couple of days to take care of how I feel”Yeferson Cossio wrote in the post.

There he appears lying down with his legs fully bandaged.


Although many believe that the young man suffered a traffic accident, It is striking that from the waist up his body does not have any type of injury.

In addition, it seems that legs and feet were the only ones affected, so the young man could have suffered a fall from the heights that caused the breaking of several bones.

Photo: Official Instagram

It should be noted that the last time Yeferson Cossio was seen walking normally was on the night of Tuesday, March 16.

In social networks, there are several videos that show him playing soccer five with characters like La Liendra and Mateo Carvajal.


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