Yéferson Cossio and his photo with an emo hairstyle and contact lenses, at the age of 17

Between 2010 and 2012, a fashion emerged among teenagers of the time, which consisted of wearing straight hair and side hairstyle; even, on occasion, there were those who covered one eye.

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This became known as the ’emo’ hairstyle. That trend also had a dress code: very tight pants and shirts, usually black with skulls or combinations of black checks with white or pink.

For this moment, Cossio, who was robbed at the Torrowland, I was 17 years old. The teenager back then joined that trend. Years later he showed a photo.

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Picture of Yeferson Cossio with ’emo’ hairstyle and contact lenses

The Antioquian, to whom they made him ugly in a Gucci storeshared the photo of his adolescence in his Instagram stories. There you see him with gray eyesmuch lighter than its original color, and with hair combed to one side.

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“What was going through my head at 17? With contact lenses and everything. What a shame,” Cossio wrote verbatim.

the young man who has three formulas to earn money he became famous when he already had his body full of tattoos and he wore ordinary hair. He also stopped wearing contact lenses and now shows off his natural eyes.

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In the following publication you can see the photo of Yéferson Cossio at the age of 17:

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