Yefremov, who had slandered in Ukraine, found unexpected support


The actor Mikhail Efremov, caught in a scandal because of his Russophobic statements in Ukraine, found an unexpected support from colleagues and deputies of the State Duma. By depriving him of the title of Artist Honored for words, they believe, it would be wrong.

After talking with ""Member of the Council of Experts for the Development of Information Society and Media in the State Duma Vadim Manukyan proposed to deprive Mikhail Yefremov of the honored artist title for scandalous remarks on Russia, a discussion broke out in society. Russians have supported the initiative.Some have suggested to deprive the artist of citizenship so that he could move with a clear conscience in Ukraine, but he also found an unexpected support.

The first vice president of the State Duma Committee on Culture, Vladimir Bortko, recalled that Mikhail Yefremov received the title of artist honored for talent, not for statements, and it would be wrong to deprive an actor of signs for words. The deputy pointed out that he is categorically in disagreement with the declaration of the artist on the air of the Ukrainian radio station. "And not just me, but what is called, most of our people, this is another matter," RIA Novosti quoted Vladimir Bortko.

Mikhail Efremov took the parts of his colleague Mikhail Porechenkov, who had long been on the black list of Ukraine for a patriotic position. "The title was not given to him for saying, but for work, for some creative things, I think this is wrong," said the National Socialist Party. "I have known Misha for a long time and, on the positive side, unfortunately I did not hear what he said, it seems to me that in his work he reached great heights, we know him as a wonderful artist, so he is not in tune with other ", he added.

Efremov reacted calmly to the prospect of depriving the title of Honored Artist. "I do not care, on the drum, goodbye", he addressed a brief comment to RIA FAN.

Recall that the tour of Mikhail Efremov, who, along with the poet Andrei Orlov, known as Orlush, went to please the Ukrainians with poems and scenes on the horrors of the USSR and Russia, from the beginning it acquired a scandalous nuance . Still other questions to the artist appeared after his interview with the Ukrainian radio "New Time".

Efremov told his interlocutors that the "communist daze" in Russia was over. However, according to him, the best was no longer, because another – imperial appeared. "Phantom pains", he diagnosed the actor. These words, together with the concert program, with which he is taking care of the public in Ukraine, have created the sensation that the actor went abroad to throw mud in his homeland.


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