Yellow and windbreaker jackets, Marlene Schiappa evokes the "foreign powers"


"Who finances the breakers? Foreign powers?"Marlene Schiappa asked Léa Salamé to be a guest of France Inter on Thursday 10 am. Performing criticism in the conspiracy, the Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men explained why she wanted to know who had participated in the pot in support of former boxer Christophe Dettinger.

This man surnamed "the gypsy Massy" was filmed in the process of giving violent punches to the police during the 8th yellow jackets in Paris.

The man eventually surrendered and was placed in custody and presented to an apparently immediate judge. His lawyer requested a postponement of his trial, which was accepted but the former boxer is awaiting incarceration.

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A jackpot in support of Christophe Dettinger was launched on the Leetchi website has quickly reached over 100,000 euros. It was also widely criticized.

On Tuesday, Marlene Schiappa accused the donors of being "accomplices" in the violence recognized by the former boxer. "It's really desirable to know who gave this dish, because I think it's a form of complicity"she had explained.

Thursday supported his words by drawing inspiration "a basic banking principle called the Know your client (know your client)" composed of "Knowing and being able to identify people who do financial transactions".

The Secretary of State wanted to make sure that no Italian official, underlined because of their support for yellow jackets, is the source of particularly important donations.

The dish in support of Christophe Dettinger is now closed. Another currently talks about it a lot: the one in favor of the forces of the order that has exceeded one million euros of donations and which also raises questions.

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