Yellow jackets: 125,000 protesters, 1385 arrests and a limited case


The situation is "under control" even if the rioters are still at work, said Saturday at about 19:30 the Minister of the Interior, after the fourth Saturday of demonstration Yellow vest. Christophe Castaner, who spoke from Place Beauvau where a crisis unit has overseen all day's ordering forces, has counted up to 125,000 the number of protesters throughout France, including 10,000 in Paris.

The number of injured is 118 from the demonstrators, said the minister, attributing most of this report to road accidents. 17 police members were injured.

There were 1,385 arrests, of which 974 led to police custody: "exceptional" figures, said Christophe Castaner, stating that this score is not final.

At the time when he was talking, the gendarmes had just regained control of all the Champs-Elysees in Paris, showing in particular the images of BFMTV. On the other hand, the incidents continued in Piazza della Repubblica.

In Bordeaux, the tension remained very strong once night fell, the demonstrators threw several projectiles and firecrackers on the police, installing and burning barricades. A man was seriously injured by hand while collecting a tear gas grenade launched by the police during the demonstration. A Reuters photographer was slightly wounded in the arm by a small ball, reports the news agency.

At the beginning of the day, the situation had intensified in Toulouse, Marseilles and Lyon, where clashes between protesters and the police broke out.

Despite these incidents, the violence was much less spectacular than the previous week, although it was possible that the night between Saturday and Sunday was hectic in some cities. "A stopping point has been put into the escalation of violence," said Judge Christophe Castaner, reiterating the "unacceptable" nature of this violence.

"The time of dialogue". Edouard Philippe, current place Beauvau, praised the work of the 120,000 policemen, gendarmes and firefighters mobilized, and welcomed their "good preparation" that contrasts with the collapse of last week.

"Time for dialogue is here", promised the Prime Minister, announcing that Emmanuel Macron would propose "measures to bring together national unity".


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