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"Do not get confused with discussions and other polemics", "Do not stop taking pictures or videos": several European countries have advised their citizens to be cautious for fear of new violence this weekend in Paris, while the Americans are encouraged to "low profile".

And if most of the capitals are limited to calls not to expose themselves, some states openly incite to postpone scheduled visits for Saturday and Sunday in the French capital because of the "yellow jackets" slingshot.

Stay away from "symbolic places"

The Czech Republic therefore asks its citizens to "go to Paris only if it is absolutely necessary" and Portugal "avoids useless trips to Paris on December 8".

In Brussels, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs goes further, recommending on its website to the Belgians to "postpone their stay". Those who can not do so are urged to take "precautionary measures", especially to stay away from "symbolic places" and "tourist areas".

Belgium also advises not to drive to the center of the French capital where "many traffic lights are damaged", which causes "sometimes chaotic traffic". It also suggests "sufficient fuel" for the entire journey and to park vehicles "in the underground car parks and not in the streets (even for a very short period of time)".

The tension and anxiety are really higher in France on the eve of the new demonstrations of "yellow jackets", these modest French hostile to the fiscal and social policy of the government, who fear a repetition of the revolts of 1 December in Paris.

Do not stop taking pictures or videos

In Madrid, the authorities are not stingy with detailed advice, including "the immediate removal of violent elements accidentally encountered (do not stop taking pictures or videos) so as not to be involved involuntarily in situations of confrontation with the police".

The Germans are simply called to "behave with caution", "avoid demonstrations" and "impassable roads", just like the Italians, who "are recommended to exercise the greatest caution, avoid the areas of the demonstrations, follow the instructions of the local authorities and if possible, limit the exits ". "Especially in Paris, it is advisable to avoid going to the city center", added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome.

"Violence can be used, be cautious and avoid the places where demonstrations take place", warn the Netherlands. France, however, maintains a "green code", which means that there are no "particular security risks".

The embassies of Sweden and Norway advise their citizens to follow the recommendations of the French authorities, while the Danish Embassy details the areas to be avoided in central Paris and those in which there is a risk of overflowing.

Stay away from the protests

Likewise, Turkish travelers in France have been urged by December 2 to "stay away" from the places where events take place and stay away from dangerous places, "especially in Paris". Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain issued a similar warning through their embassies in France.

As for the British Foreign Ministry, if he advises to stay away from Saturday's protests, as he did last week, he remembers that the protest actions are scheduled also for December 8, the Belgian capital where, in particular, "Local police could restrict or prohibit access to the area around the Parc de Bruxelles".

On November 30, a demonstration of 300 Belgian "yellow" jackets had degenerated into this city, where two police vehicles had been burned, and a new rally was scheduled on Saturday.


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