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The "yellow jackets" have not all welcomed the moratorium on fuel taxes, announced Tuesday, December 4 by the Prime Minister. For all environmentalists, they are also bad news. "Ecology is a victim of government decisions, they have exploited the ecology to make the tax return and to compensate for the suppression of the ISF"says Yannick Jadot, European MEP of Green Ecology. A step backwards like this, even though the majority is a pause, waiting for the beginning of March for the results of the national debate wanted by the government.

Walking for the weather canceled?

The unfortunate coincidence of the calendar, the third March for the climate scheduled for Saturday, December 8 in Paris is threatened. The Minister of the Interior has invited the organizers to the journalist, since he has to leave Trocadero's place in Paris to reach Joffre's place. A field considered too close to the Champs-Élysées and possible "yellow jackets". Tuesday evening, December 4, the call to protest was still maintained.

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