Yellow jackets: hundreds of arrests, Julien Terrier arrested in Grenoble


More than 700 arrests took place in France, most of them in Paris, in the margins of yellow jackets, Saturday 8, including Julien Terrier, one of the eight spokesmen for the movement designated at the end of November. . A large number of these arrests, more than 500, led to placements of custody for participation in a group formed to commit degradation.

The police have radically changed their strategy compared to previous weeks' meetings, with the goal of preventing access to demonstration areas for thugs. Bags are searched and people carrying weapons to their destination are arrested.

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A strategy that in Paris has limited the clashes on the Champs-Elysees. Although the demonstrators had regular contact with the police, they were dispersed every time. On the other hand, seasoned breakers have sought to erect barricades, tear down or burn cars, looted shops and trampled security forces near the Champs-Elysées and Grands Boulevards.

In a completely different way, one of the designated leaders of the yellow jackets, Isèrois Julien Terrire, was arrested at the start of the day in Grenoble as the organizer of an unauthorized event. The arrest images unveiled by France 3 show that he agreed to follow the police, but a crowd movement followed. Overall, violence is limited to Paris.

This Saturday all of France feared violence and destruction of property. After the great excesses of November 24 and Saturday 1, followed by a decline of the government on some points of contention, many appeals were launched not to manifest in the capital, in the political class but also in some parts of the movement. Many fear that the events of this Saturday bring together the most radical elements. If they seem to have gone to Paris, in the provinces, violence is very limited.

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