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Was the request for national unity heard at the time of Act 4 of the "yellow jackets"? According to Marc Fesneau, the minister in charge of relations with Parliament, Laurent Wauquiez and Jean-Luc Mélenchon has failed in their missions.

In an interview with point published on Saturday 8 December, Marc Fesneau explains that "it is very easy to shake crowds and increase anger, but it is much more difficult to extinguish them, discuss and reconcile the French to improve the situation".

"When you are, like (Laurent Wauquiez), the head of an opposition force who intends to incorporate an alternative or when you are a former president of the Republic, you are legitimate to forward the allegations, but when you actually put it on or practically a yellow jacket, it is a falsely played and irresponsible complacencyMinister MoDem says, referring to the photo of the Republican president with a yellow vest on his back.

The misery of those on the roundabouts is not happy

Marc Fesneau, Minister of Relations with Parliament at the "Punto"

Even Jean-Luc Mélenchon is not spared from criticism. "And what about Jean-Luc Mélenchon who has not yet reported violence and who, in the National Assembly, welcomes" a happy moment in which we live ", he continues.

"The misery of those who are on the roundabouts is not happy." The despair of those who see the economic consequences of this crisis is not happy. The violence expressed on the police and the gendarmes and journalists is not happy. Death threats against parliamentarians are not happy ", added the minister of relations with Parliament.

A "collective responsibility"

For his part, Laurent Wauquiez believes that "the collective responsibility in the coming weeks is to bring calm and serenity, provided that the government is ready to commit" to "take our country out of the war of wasting public money and taxes", he added, "We are ready to work with him, because I refuse to let our country fall".

The insubordinate leader of France told the militants that "Saturday we obviously have to be in action. I recommend a non-violent actionOn Wednesday in the Assembly, he responded to a declaration by the government judging "happy the days in which we live, since finally France has entered the state of general insubordination against an unjust order that has lasted too long".

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