Yellow jackets: responding to Emmanuel Macron, Cyril Hanouna and a dozen people ask for calm – LA VDN


The message is strong: " At a time when everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of what could happen this Saturday, we are solemnly saying: it must stop and dialogue must take the upper hand. The time has come to speak, to listen, to understand each other. The time has come to rediscover the meaning of words and at the same time that of our responsibilities towards each one of us. The government must reach. "

Bern, Hanouna, Biraben …

In an article published by Le Parisien, 175 personalities ask " turn anger into debate "Ironically, this call is signed by Cyril Hanouna, C8 who for a while hosted a close proximity to Emmanuel Macron before declaring himself" spokesperson "Gilet giallo and Stéphane Berna, people in the first support circle from the Head of State.

"The time of dialogue"

To these two characters participated the producer Dominique Besnehard, the journalist Maitena Biraben, the actors Michel Boujenah and Thierry Lhermitte, the former head of Canal Plus Pierre Lescure, the actress Sonia Rolland and the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy . A total of 175 people signed this text proposing:
The message that tries to express itself behind the unprecedented social movement of yellow jackets exists: it must be understood, since it must be able to express itself now through discussion. The time of violent protest and denial must cease on both sides to open the time for dialogue




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