"Yellow jackets": several institutional sites targeted by cyber attacks – franceinfo


The Urssaf sites, the Ministry of Justice, the Paris-South University, the University of Lorraine and the Franco-American Foundation have been targeted by cyberattacks.

The "yellow jackets" are used on the street, but also behind their computers. Some activists have suffered cyber attacks against institutional websites and promise new actions on Saturday, December 8, said Thursday, December 6 David Grout, an expert of the US computer security company FireEye. The teams of this group have identified the cyber attacks carried out between December 2 and December 4 on at least five institutional sites: Urssaf, the Ministry of Justice, the University of Paris-South, and the University of Lorraine and the Franco-American Foundation.

Initially, these actions were claimed by militant groups, including some associated with operations against Israel or Turkish activists, but "They were followed shortly after, around December 4-5, by AnonymousFR, French web activists, who promise other things for December 8, in the same way as the demonstrations of" yellow jackets "& # 39;" detailed David Grout.

"On a scale of risk, these computer activists would be rated 5 out of 10"believes that their strength lies in their ability to interconnect and transmit information. The technical level of their attacks is "Average", that is "not available for everyone but not for a capacity worthy of a state or much more advanced groups in the world of cyber attacks".


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