Yellow jackets, the fourth mobilization is not immune to violence


After a relatively calm morning, the clashes broke out on Saturday December 8th in the afternoon in different districts of Paris, but also in the provinces, for the fourth great day of mobilization of yellow jackets. More than 1000 people have been arrested.

While, unlike the previous Saturday, no major incidents occurred until mid-day, the tension rose a little everywhere in the early afternoon, much to the regret of all those who had paraded peacefully. By the end of the afternoon, more than 1,000 people had been arrested in France and more than 700 were arrested. Among them, Julien Coupat, long presented as the leader of a group of ultragauche who had relaxed in the spring during the trial, said Tarnac. Arrested, he was put in custody for "Participation in a group formed to commit violence or degradation".

LIVE – Yellow jackets: accidents throughout France

In Paris, the beautiful neighborhoods were once again targeted

In Paris, on the Champs-Élysées, protesters with ski goggles, motorcycle helmets, swimming goggles or gas masks, normally bandits, collapsed as if the police had been suspended. Some managed to rip pieces of sidewalks to bullets. Small groups attacked the Drugstore Publicis and the Orange store on the boulevard. The shop windows were also interrupted on the avenues of Friedland and Marceau, a luxury neighborhood between the Place de l'Étoile and the banks of the Seine. A barricade was set up on the Grands-Boulevards, where the gendarme armored vehicles were deployed … At 18 o'clock, the hooded youths fled to the Republic after attempting to advance towards the town hall, making neighborhood visits to break bottles and light a fire here and there.

The police headquarters had counted about sixty injured in the late afternoon, including three from the police. A number that could unfortunately increase. Several journalists have been mistreated or even injured.

Violence in Lyon, Marseilles, Bordeaux …

In the region, other events have dismantled clashes with the police and arrests have taken place.

In Lyon, the manifestation of several thousand "Yellow jackets" It was marked by violent clashes between groups armed with bottles and smoke bombs fired at the police, who responded with tear gas. With shouts of "Macron resignation", "Macron makes money"the procession had marched for the first time in relative calm on the peninsula, in the center of the city, but the tension increased rapidly when the demonstration wanted to go to the prefecture, on the opposite bank of the river. Nine arrests occurred around 16:00 "A number called to evolve", according to the prefecture.

In Bordeaux, where the procession of "Yellow jackets" peacefully gathered several thousand people on Saturday afternoon, the situation has degenerated at the end of the course in the square in front of the town hall, where demonstrators have launched Molotov cocktails. Some uncontrollable elements clashed with the police "Yellow jackets"supporters of a peaceful protest have tried to dissuade them, some kneeling. The police carried out several assaults and used tear gas against the thugs who lit the fires, used the slings and threw pebbles.

In Toulouse, several thousand people have come down from the city center with erect tear gas and burned barricades. According to the prefecture, about 5,500 people marched through the city around 4:30 in the afternoon in three separate parades (CGT, yellow and climate jackets). Seven protesters were injured and 24 people were arrested in possession of various weapons (homemade bombs, knives, hammers, mallets, flammable liquids).

In Marseille, the clashes broke out on Saturday at dusk on the Canebière between the forces of order and hundreds of hooded demonstrators. They were dispersed around 17:00 with tear gas fired by the police, but in the surrounding streets small groups of demonstrators continued to confront the police.

In Nantes, Eight people were arrested after accidents during the climate march that brought together nearly 3,000 people, police using force to counteract "Attempts to force the dams" police.

Finally, the French road and motorway network knew a lot of trouble spots and the national gendarmerie reported that over 5,000 people had been checked on the axes and tolls with "Numerous arrests of violent individuals carrying dangerous objects".

Marianne Gomez


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