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The government and the social partners, in search of solutions to appease the rage of the yellow jackets, are divided on the principle of a voluntary bonus paid by companies.

It's an idea that is making its way, but it is already raising objections. To solve the crisis of "yellow jackets", the government does not exclude the hypothesis of setting up an exceptional tax-free premium of 1,000 euros for employees.

Formulated by Xavier Bertrand, president of the LR of the Hauts-de-France region, this proposal was favorably commented by some ministers.

In the mind of Xavier Bertrand, this measure would do it a "purchase power award" that will be added to the salary and the 13th month. It would not be subject to social contributions and taxes of employees and of the company. "I had this idea while I was talking to the company executives who told me they would help their employees when it was all right," said the former Minister of Labor on BFMTV, Tuesday, December 4 . "It will report to the State in VAT because the employees who benefit from it will not put it aside but will spend it"he added.

Ministers Bruno Le Maire (Economics) and Gérald Darmanin (Action and Public Accounts) publicly expressed their favorable opinion on this award on Thursday 6 December. "It helps support those who work," said the first city in France 2. "If companies, and we encourage them to do so, can better redistribute the difference between capital and labor, I personally support", completed the second on Inter France.

Employers approve, unions end

It's also a "good idea"According to the chairman of Medef Geoffroy Roux Bezieux, however, he believes that this award can only be applied in areas" where it is going well. "Above all, employers' organizations want the payment of this award to be left to discretion. employers. "Voluntary character is essential because unfortunately the situation of companies does not allow it to be generalized", explained Jean-Eudes du Mesnil du Buisson of the SME confederation.

As for the workers' unions, the principle of this bonus gives rise to criticism. Laurent Berger, of the CFDT, this award must be "mandatory" and not be considered a long-term solution: "It's one of the solutions but it's one-shot, it's not a structural solution". On the part of FO, the confederal secretary Yves Veyrier believes it this bonus "can not be the answer to the demand for salary" and calls for "an increase in SMIC and the civil service index". Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, has on his side launched: "Defiscalize, is to suppress social contributions, which is of great interest to Medef, who is increasingly demanding tax relief".


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