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At the end of the day a crisis meeting took place at the Eliseo, the presidential palace, in the presence of the executive tandem, the president and the prime minister and several ministers. The meeting "allowed to discuss the responses to the ongoing mobilizations," reported Elysee, announcing greeting announcements.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe will quickly announce "measures" to allow "the smooth running" of the three-month consultation desired by the executive, declaring his entourage for his part.

Wednesday in the Assembly and Thursday in the Senate, there will be a debate with all parties, was told in Matignon, the seat of the Prime Minister, where they followed in consultation with the leaders of the main political parties.

Philippe will soon announce a "strong opening gesture", assured the Minister of Culture Franck Riester.

Several politicians, from the opposition and the presidential majority, have asked the government – which refuses to do so for the time being – to postpone the increase in taxes on scheduled fuel for the first time.st January, claim the demonstrators of the lighthouse.

There is urgency: requests for a fourth day of national action next Saturday start to thrive on the internet and a student sling started to grow on Monday.

After being slow in taking the measure of popular anger, the executive has every difficulty to open the dialogue with this atypical movement, born of social networks, without a leader or structure.

A meeting scheduled for Tuesday with the Prime Minister seemed compromised Monday evening: representatives of a collective "yellow jackets" ready to leave have renounced, even for "security reasons", announced two of its members in mentioning "threats" against of them by the most radical activists.

Despite the fires and looting that shook the capital and shocked around the world, the mobilization of these French for difficult months remains understood and supported by 72% of their compatriots, according to an interactive Harris survey published on Monday.

He also received the support of several personalities, from Brigitte Bardot to the Canadian actress Pamela Anderson.

"Serious and continuous" impact

Since returning from the G20 in Argentina on Sunday, President Macron has not spoken publicly, sending his prime minister on the front line to try to unravel the worst crisis since his election in May 2017.

But he multiplied the meetings, going to the scene of violence on Sunday and having lunch on Monday with the police deployed in Paris last Saturday. A presidential trip to Serbia, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, has been postponed.

Edouard Philippe has canceled his trip to COP 24 in Poland, while France is willing to position itself as a leader in the fight for the climate.

"France in a state of shock awaits answers", "Mr. President, we need answers", respectively titles Le Figaro is The Parisian. "Macron convened to defuse the crisis", for The world who sees in this crisis "the turning point of the five-year period".

Oil Deposits, Roads: Blocks have spread throughout the country, also causing fuel shortages in Britain and kilometers of traffic jams on the border with Spain. A sling movement has also hijacked high schools against national education reforms.

Among the measures that could be taken to try to appease the protestors: lower taxes.

"We have to speed up tax cuts, but we must accelerate the decline in public spending," said Minister for Economic Affairs Bruno Le Maire on Monday, adding that the first two weeks of yellow actions had already taken place " serious and continuous impact on the economy.

The damage account last weekend in Paris was estimated by Mayor Anne Hidalgo to "between 3 and 4 million euros" for the only "street furniture".

"The more time passes, the higher the political price" for the executive, observes Bruno Cautrès, a researcher at CEVIPOF (Political Research Center of Po Sciences).

The balance of these two weeks of blockades and demonstrations has risen to four deaths with the death of an octogenarian in Marseilles, wounded by a tear gas grenade.

At least 73 suspects (out of 378 arrests) were tried on Monday at the Paris criminal court for their trial.



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