"Yellow Vests": "A completely legitimate anger", says Grand Corps Malade – RTL.fr


For more than 10 years, his lyrics and melodies make rock in France, evoking difficult themes such as immigration or poverty. Guest of RTL evening Thursday, December 6, on the occasion of the reprint of his album Plan B and three concerts that are complete in Paris, Great sick body reacts to the movement of "yellow vests".

"I feel completely privileged. I do not live what they live, but I understand their anger. I have my feet on the ground, I have a lot of friends who are in the artistic world that change to make ends meet, "explained the artist.

"This anger is more than legitimate. I think we are all about this. Because for once, we see that this anger is not orchestrated from a political party or trade unions it really comes from France, full of regions at the same time, it comes from people we do not usually listen to, "said Fabien Marsaud, the Grand Corps Malade.

"So the government keeps saying it feels that rage, now it should be understood. Basically, we are in a system that goes into the wall too long and we should go back and put everything back in order, change everything, "he says.

Grand Corps Malade is on tour in France. He will perform at the Olympia in Paris on 10, 11 and 12 October 2019. The reprint of his album Plan B will be available on 7 December.

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