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The activists of the "yellow vest" movement have been behind cyber attacks against institutional websites and promising new actions on December 8, an expert of the US computer security company FireEye told AFP on Thursday.

The teams in this group have identified cyber attacks carried out between 2 and 4 December on at least five institutional sites, that of Urssaf, the Ministry of Justice, the Paris-South University, the University of Lorraine and the Franco-American Foundation, said David Grout, Technical Director for Europe and the Middle East FireEye.

The way these attacks work "was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that due to the closure of the website overloading it with traffic, "he said in a statement.

Initially, these actions were claimed by militant groups, including some associated with operations against Israel or Turkish activists, according to David Grout.

"They were followed a little later, around 4-5 December, from AnonymousFR, French web activists, who I promise other things for December 8thin the same way as the demonstrations of "yellow jackets", "he said.

Two main modus operandi

For now it is difficult to determine how these cyber-activists will work ", but based on the history of this type of action in strikes all over the world, most of the times, there are two main modus operandi: the refusal of service is tries to disfigure websites changing the homepage with the propaganda pages ", details the expert.

"On a scale of risk, these cyber-activists would be rated 5 out of 10"he believes, their strength lies in them network capacity, to transmit information and therefore have "a heterogeneous vision" that allows them "to go in all directions".

The technical level of their attacks is "medium", ie "not accessible to everyone but not a capacity worthy of a state or much more advanced groups in the world of cyberattacks". However, "they have a annoying ability that can be relatively annoying while remaining moderate ", he concluded.

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