"Yellow Vests": D-1 before a high-risk Saturday, Macron will speak later


Emmanuel Macron will only speak "at the beginning of next week" on the crisis of "yellow jackets" which tears France and amazes the world, so as not to "put oil on fire" before the high-risk Saturday demonstrations.

While the tension and anxiety are the highest at the top of the state, the president of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand announced Friday at the AFP that "the president, polished on the context and the situation", He decided to wait before speaking as part of the opposition and claim the protesters.

Three weeks after the first major mobilization against the increase in fuel taxation, the government is preparing for the worst and fears a new outbreak of violence for "Act IV" of the "yellow jackets" movement.

An "exceptional" device of 89,000 police members, including 8,000 in Paris, will be deployed throughout the country to try to avoid the same scenes of clashes that occurred last Saturday, especially under the Arc de Triomphe.

In Paris, for the first time in decades, the state will even commit "VBRG", these wheeled armored vehicles of the gendarmerie, to maintain order against particular groups of extreme left and right-wing combat.

On Thursday, all members of the government increased the demands for calm and responsibility, now transmitted by most opposition parties, by trade unions and even by French bishops.

"We have to save the Republic, today it is threatened", Senate President Gérard Larcher (LR) has alarmed.

Several majority officials report "disturbing escalation". The elected officials and their families were intimidated. Mr. Macron's close associates have received death threats on their phones.

– "We can not stop them anymore" –

"If I do not get destroyed by the end of the quarter, I think I'll be lucky, I'll say it will happen in this violent atmosphere of hysteria," said a member of the LREM parliament.

In Figaro Friday, Jacline Mouraud, a representative of the movement warns: "the yellow jackets, we can not stop them".

The government's concessions, which definitively abandoned, after 24 hours of extreme confusion, any increase in the carbon tax on fuels in 2019, seem to have had no effect.

If it must have weakened Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, in the forefront for a few days and who defended a simple suspension of growth before being brutally disavowed by Elisha.

Emmanuel Macron is more than ever the number one target for "yellow jackets". On all dams, calls for resignation merge. His quick visit to the Puy-en-Velay prefecture during the week, which ended on Saturday, ended in a wave of insults and threats.

On social networks, slogans evoke an inversion of institutions: "dissolution of the National Assembly", "Manu, one arrives!", "Pot of departure of Macron!", Or "All with the Bastille".

"He is aware that for the moment he is the embodiment of what the demonstrators are wearing, but he never gives up," says a close friend of the president.

Meanwhile, Paris and other large cities are preparing to live a new black Saturday. The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre will remain closed, as well as the shops of the Champs-Elysées, the main point of tension.

In Bordeaux, a dozen cultural institutions and public spaces will be closed. Six Ligue 1 league games have already been postponed.

The executive fears an alliance between ultradroite, ultra-left, "yellow jackets", the most reclaimed and young suburbs, some of them pledging to loot last Saturday in the capital.

There are also fears of an extension to other sectors, including farmers, hauliers and education, where the situation is very tense.

More than 700 high school students were arrested by police on Thursday during the fourth day of high school mobilization, still marked by accidents and violence.


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