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Several calls from the "Yellow Vests" for new events have been published in the last few days on social networks.

On the social nets, the "Yellow vests"they multiplied calls to protest for the month of September, nine months after the start of the motion. So predict new mobilizations in several cities of France, as reported RTL.

For Saturday 7 September, Montpellier will be the national capital ofYellow vests"by deed 43. This new event could revive the motion. A week later, a demonstration will take place on September 14, Nantes for the 44th consecutive Saturday from the beginning of the movement. a mobilization which promises to be tense especially after the death of the young Steve Caniço.

As for the capital, the "Yellow vests"invitation to a mobilization in Paris on Saturday 21 September. On social networks, the organizers ask"march together against the system, against the destruction of the planet, the contempt of the elites, the pension reform and the difficult end of the monthSo far, 10,000 people are interested in the event Facebook of which 2,000 want to participate.

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