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Panels of wood in front of the windows, closed museums, police on alert: in Paris, many people fear serious revolts in the protests of "yellow jackets". Even Prime Minister Philippe relies on dialogue.

Normally, retailers in Paris do not see the arrival of an intense Saturday during Christmas Eve, but currently no weekend is normal. Again, "yellow jackets" protests are expected – serious revolts are feared like last weekend.

Before the protests, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe met the moderate representatives of the "yellow jackets" on Friday evening. A spokesperson for the group said later that Philippe had promised to forward his requests to President Emmanuel Macron. "Now we are waiting for Mr. Macron." However, the seven activists are among the "yellow jackets" who spoke against participation in the event.

Tens of thousands of policemen mobilized

The president himself met the policemen in the suburbs of the French capital in the evening, which must be deployed on the Boulevard Champs-Elysées. Media representatives were not present at one hour; After informing Macron's office, the president thanked the policeman.

According to the government alone, 8,000 police officers are deployed in Paris alone, and some 89,000 security forces have been mobilized nationwide. They should prevent serious riots like last Saturday. For the first time since 2005, special armored vehicles in action to break down the barricades are in action.

The Eiffel Tower is closed, the stadiums remain empty

For fear of destruction and looting, many shops and attractions remain closed in Paris. So the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Opera, numerous monuments and museums – including the famous Louvre – and the Grand Palais exhibition building will not be accessible. Numerous shops try to protect themselves from damage with wooden panels.

Furthermore, more than half of the scheduled football matches have been canceled. These include the top game scheduled between Paris Saint-Germain and HSC Montpellier and the match between Toulouse and Lyon. Apparently, the police, which usually protects the games, use them in other places.

"Yellow jackets" and peasants in the streets

The "yellow jackets" require the resignation of Macron, as well as general tax cuts, pensions and higher salaries. Recent government commitments are not sufficient for activists. The protests exploded four months ago on Macron's plans to raise taxes on fuel. For commuters this means an increase in their monthly costs. Many perceptors on average accuse Macron of being a president of the rich.

Not only "yellow jackets" want to prove. The farmers have also announced protests. One of the reasons why farmers 'anger is "agri-bashing" – such an extensive attack on the farming profession, was said by the farmers' union. The peasants felt humiliated.



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