Yemen: talks in Sweden represent "a unique opportunity" for the UN mediator


The talks on Thursday in Sweden by the government and the Yemeni rebels represent "a unique opportunity" to bring this devastated country on the road to peace where famine threatens, said the mediator of the # 39; UN.

"In the coming days we will have a unique opportunity to advance the peace process," said Martin Griffiths to journalists in the presence of Yemeni delegations gathered at a convention center near Stockholm.

"I do not want to be too optimistic, but I want to be ambitious," he said, welcoming the return to belligerent negotiations for the first time in more than two years.

All attempts to end the four-year war have so far failed, while the humanitarian situation in this poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula is the worst in the world according to the UN.

Consultations in Sweden are mainly aimed at "building trust" between the two parties and "reducing violence" on the ground, according to Martin Griffiths.

In particular, the government and rebels were discussing the reopening of the capital of the capital, Sana & aa, which was three years old, from the situation in the port city of Hodeida (west), where most food aid is found, and a ceasefire the lasting fire.

Griffiths also announced on Thursday the formal signing of an agreement this week on the exchange of hundreds of prisoners overseen by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


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