Yemen. The belligerents in Stockholm for the crucial peace talks


The Houthi rebels supported by Iran and the government of Sana & aa, supported by the Saudis, opened talks Thursday in the Swedish capital, under the auspices ofUN. The conflict that has plagued Yemen for nearly four years left tens of thousands dead and plunged the country into a serious humanitarian crisis.

This time, the peace talks on Yemen should take place. "Only three months after the spectacular failure of a cycle before September, when the Houthi refused to present themselves"recalls Al Jazeera, a delegation of the rebellion arrived in Stockholm on Tuesday 4 December, together with the mediator of theUN Martin Griffiths. Were reached in the Swedish capital on Wednesday by a delegation from the Yemeni government, because negotiations began on Thursday under the auspices of the United Nations. l & # 39; ASaudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates – which supports Yemeni power – and Iran – which supports Houthi opposition – "I'm not invited", says the chain.

The last talks between the belligerents took place in 2016. The year before, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi launched an offensive in Yemen to re-establish President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi after the Houthi seized the capital Sanaa . "Since then, the conflict has caused the death of tens of thousands of people and over eight million people, and the UN has warned that this figure could rise to 14 million", lists the Qatari television in another article.

"A glimmer of hope"

Today is peace "Handy?", asks Al-Jazeera. The chain makes the choice to believe it: "After almost four years of fighting, both sides seem ready to end the conflict, it could be the best chance of peace so far"he says, adding that "The assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has increased the pressure on the kingdom to end its military campaign in Yemen." The permanent observer of the International Committee of the Red Cross at the United Nations, Robert Mardini, is also optimistic. "Peace talks are a glimmer of hope that we have not seen in this war for a long time", he says to Telegraph.

The correspondent in the Middle East of the British newspaper is more cautious. "One of the thorniest suggestions that theUN I will propose that the rebels deliver Hodeida – which handles 80% of all imports and food aid – to some kind of UN administration. " But she writes, "Analysts said it was unlikely that the Houthi would agree to withdraw from the territory or lay down their arms in this Red Sea city, for which the rebels are fighting hard, and the administration of the exiled president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi is equally unlikely to accept a power-sharing deal that would give the Houthis a greater role in the government, which was one of the original goals of the rebellion. "

"Children will continue to die and die of hunger"

the guardian he is frankly pessimistic. Yemen is, for shipowners, "A profitable suk". And for Saudi neighbors, "A battlefield in a regional proxy war with Iran"he lists. Now "For Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a forced and inconclusive suspension of the war he launched in 2015 would have been another important stop to personal arrest, in addition to the Khashoggi disaster, to the strategic failure in Syria (where Triumph of Iran and its allies) and the recent collapse in relations with Turkey, Lebanon and the WestEU. Within the country, its already weakened position could be fatally compromised ".

"The obsessive war of friction (by American president Donald) Trump against Iran, which shares some of the responsibility for Yemen, also makes it less likely that Tehran is pushing its Houthi allies to make peace. "the newspaper continues. "Conclusion While the foreign powers surround the predatory hawks in the ruined lands of Yemen, competing for the benefit, the children will continue to die and starve." Another week late before the ceasefire? 77 corpses, two weeks, twice as long as you do. "


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