YES is ready to outvote the CSSD on the issue of increasing wages in the public sphere, said Schillerová – ČT24 – Czech Television

“I already had four billion in the proposal, so we’re talking about some less than eight billion. Colleagues are counting on it all weekend. Items such as unemployment are also being clarified. These mandatory items are being refined because the numbers from the Czech Statistical Office have been refined, so there will simply be money in these items, “the Minister of Finance told ČT.

According to the information system on average earnings, 699,400 people worked in public and public services in the first quarter. Half of them earned over 36,996 crowns gross per month. In companies, the median wage was 4245 crowns lower, amounting to 32 751 crowns.

The proposed budget envisages a deficit of 376.6 billion crowns. About twenty-five billion would be needed to increase salaries by three thousand crowns. If added by fourteen hundred crowns, it would be around twelve billion.

However, with a higher addition, the government would have to tell Schiller where to cut it, she said. According to her, President Miloš Zeman also described the increase in inflation as the maximum possible at a joint meeting in Lány. Some economists criticize wage proposals at a time of high debt.

What salary increase is acceptable for the state coffers?

According to the latest estimates of the Ministry of Finance, inflation should reach 3.5 percent next year. Medical unions insist that medical staff receive an additional three thousand crowns from January. According to trade unionists, the money should be taken from health insurance. For doctors, medical departments and the medical chamber demand a salary increase of ten percent.

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However, according to an association of practitioners for adults and children, dentists, outpatient specialists and private gynecologists, such an increase would be detached from economic reality and deepen the state debt. The association stated this together with the Czech Chamber of Commerce in a letter to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES). They ask him for a “sober approach”.

Employers’ organizations also oppose the flat rate increase. They point out the different performances of individual professions and workers. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the jump would widen the budget deficit even more, as well as the pay gap in the public and private sectors.

Jan Wiesner, president of the Confederation of Employers ‘and Entrepreneurs’ Unions, said after the tripartite meeting that companies can only add according to their economic capabilities, so they cannot compete with the state.

The regulation on salary increases is being prepared by the Ministry of Labor. It has not yet published the proposal. The next meeting on the growth of earnings in health care should take place on Monday morning. The government is going to approve the budget in the afternoon.


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