Yes to the bis aid decree, it is a dispute over bathing establishments. The curtain falls on the legislature-

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Confcommercio on inflation: recession risks. Fitch: economy in contraction due to energy shock

While the numbers of the upcoming crisis are becoming increasingly worrying, the curtain falls on legislature number 18: after the Senate, even the Chamber yesterday concluded its work. Not so for the government: it will meet today the Council of Ministers, which should baptize the first decrees of the competition law. But not everything goes smoothly. The Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia he asked for the excerpt of the mapping of public concessionswhich also includes those bathing: If you do something that’s actually useless at a time like thisI resign. The criticism of the League minister also of method: The ministry was not even involved. There is no point in doing a political thing a week before the elections.

As the legislature is closing, Confcommercio raises the alarm: soaring inflation could soon bring Italy into a mild recession thanks to the tourism boom. The problem the price of gas. According to the association, 2022 could close with an average inflation of 7.5% and in September they are expected the maximum price increases (+ 9.2%). The risk of the closure of 120,000 companies in the service sector within 10 months. But yesterday also Fitch’s report: The momentum in the economy is slowing. We have lowered our growth expectations for 2022 (3%) and now we expect the economy to contract in 2023 due to the energy shock (-0.7%), worse than the Eurozone (-0.1%) and on par with Germany.

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The Chamber has closed its doors with the farewell of the president Roberto Fico, his thanks to the Members for the work done in recent years, even in difficult moments, was much applauded. I would like to address the last greeting to the Italians who have been close to the institutions in these difficult years. For me it was an honor. The last act of Montecitorio was the approval of the second Aid decree and the cancellation of the rule that allowed to overcome the ceiling of 240 thousand euros for public managers. The secretary dem also took the floor in the Chamber Enrico Letta: We ask for a change of pace with respect to the commitments made so far, because families and businesses no longer hold up an increasingly dramatic situation. On Twitter, however, the controversy with the leader of FdI broke out: I tell Giorgia Meloni: being a woman is not enough to make policies for women. And she replies: Enrico, but really after you’ve tried to explain to me how to do the right, now you want to try to explain to me what it means to be a woman? But do you have a sense of the ridiculous?

The clutches also continue in the center-right and concern the recipe for containing bills. The theme remains the budget gap, 30 billion in debt requested by Salvini to support families and businesses: With Giorgia Meloni I get along on everything, but I don’t understand how you can say we can wait a few more weeks, a few more months. In support of the Northern League position arrived a note co-signed by the party governors (Fedriga, Fontana, Fugatti, Solinas, Tesei and Zaia) in which they immediately ask themselves new and important public resources. Silvio Berlusconi remains convinced that the deviation can be avoided, while Meloni – who yesterday interrupted the electoral campaign to be in the Chamber – clearly reiterated his position: 30 billion a bottomless pit. The more we decide to go into debt to give money to the big energy players, the more they will raise the bar. The fact of continue to debt I think it is a measure that will not save us.

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