“Yes, you can go in family groups”: cinemas clear up doubts about the separation of seats

Evoking the tradition of Thursday as premiere day, this afternoon the multi-theater networks of the country resumed their operation after the start of the pandemic. With sanitary measures, online sales, open confectioneries and reduced capacity –50 or 100 people depending on whether the cinema is in phase 3 or phase 4–, from today you can see films such as Tenet Y The new mutants, part of the group of the first seven titles that the commercial billboard has received since March.

At noon, at the Cinemark complex located in Alto Las Condes, government authorities and cinema spokesmen specified one of the issues that remained to be resolved regarding the return of the sector to operations: the mandatory separation of a seat between attendees, even if those who they acquired their entrance they were couples or families.

“We are seeing and discussing (…) that people who come in pairs can sit together in some way, as happens in restaurants,” he said. this Wednesday Roberto Rasmussen, Cinépolis marketing manager and spokesperson for the Chamber of Multi-room Exhibitors of Chile (CAEM).

On the day of the reopening, the Minister (s) of Labor, Fernando Arab, clears questions. “If I come with my family group, we can all sit together. Therefore, the administration that each cinema is going to have to do is very important to respect the spaces and the corresponding capacity ”, he points out.

Meanwhile, Cinemark’s marketing manager, Karina Ventura, details: “Yes, you can go in family groups, achieving the necessary distance. If you come with your partner, they sit together and the distancing follows you. If it is a group of four, the distance is from the fourth seat ”.

Although for the moment when buying the ticket online, the system only allows acquiring separate seats, cinema staff will take care during the first days that families and couples can sit in adjoining seats and that there is distance between groups.

The possibility of obtaining tickets in consecutive seats will be enabled from the second week, as indicated by the industry. From that moment, on Thursday 25, there will be functions of new titles, such as Scooby! Y Monster hunter, the hunt begins.

“We are getting organized to open new cinemas every week,” explains Ventura. “Hopefully from now on we will continue to operate and there will be no setbacks, and thus over a couple of months have 100 percent of the operation active.”

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