YG explains why he honored the cover of Nipsey Hussle On Album 4REAL 4REAL


Rapper YG is releasing his fourth studio album, 4REAL 4REAL this Friday, May 24th. He has already debuted singles including "Stop Snitching" and "Go Loko". He has also published the cover of the album. At the bottom of the cover, in italics, it simply reads "In loving memory of Nipsey Hussle." In an interview with BigBoy, YG explains why he honors his longtime friend on his album.

YG 4REAL 4REAL Nipsey Hussle
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How "4REAL 4REAL" came together and what to expect

YG, real name Keenon Racks and DJ Mustard have a well documented history of working together. However, they had a decline in 2015 due to late payments for YG's first studio album, My life from Krazy. In the BigBoy interview, YG discusses beef and says their relationship has grown stronger afterwards. Although they still discuss music, YG and DJ Mustard have joined forces for this summer album.

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The title of the album 4REAL 4REAL is a West Coast saying. YG says he wants all his music to represent Los Angeles culture. His previous album, Stay Dangerous, it is also jargon mostly spoken and listened to on the west coast. YG describes 4REAL 4REAL as "YG and Mustard vibes." He says that "it will sound like the city, with a bit of elevation" and will have club hits as well as significant songs. YG claims that the two most thorough songs on the album are "Keisha had a Baby" and "Heart to Heart" with Meek Mill.

Because YG honors Nipsey Hussle on the cover "4REAL 4REAL"

Nipsey Hussle, real name Ermias Asghedom, was a rapper and activist of the Los Angeles community. A man shot and killed Nipsey in front of his shop on March 31, 2019. YG was about to release a surprise album on the Friday before his Coachella, on April 12th. While YG performed a new single at Coachella, he decided to push the album back. He claims he couldn't promote the album with Nipsey's death fresh in his mind. Although, YG admits that he still thinks of him every day.

It seemed to YG that the music on the album didn't represent his city after losing Nipsey. However, he has already made the songs and transformed them before Nipsey's untimely death. YG has put the name of Nipsey on the cover because it will give the children of Nipsey a percentage of each song. Therefore, when they turn 18, they will have "a bag" or a lot of money from YG.

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In the BigBoy interview, YG remembers meeting Nipsey in a studio around 2009. They kept seeing each other around the city, and Nipsey became an older brother for YG. Remember their long and frequent talk about building a long-lasting brand.

YG also remembers the day he discovered Nipsey's premature passage. He says he was at DJ Mustard's house watching a college basketball game. Then, his girlfriend's friend, Jay, called him and told him what happened. YG says he and DJ Mustard immediately left the house to go to the hospital. However, it passed before they were able to get there.

"I have a big question mark about life right now, do you know what I'm saying? Nipsey was talking about it, and then last year or two, we saw him do a community job and a lot of other commercial initiatives that aren't "Regular. This is not typical for a young black rapper who comes from gang culture, from the streets. How does God take someone like this from people? I don't understand."

Speaking of the death of Nipsey Hussle


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