Ylenia talks about her mysterious disappearance from television after joining Europa FM

The always controversial Ylenia is back. The star of programs like ‘Gandía Shore’ or ‘GH VIP’ He disappeared months ago from the small screen, more specifically from their jobs in ‘Save me’ and ‘Long live life’ in Telecinco, setting off the alarms about the reason.

But this Monday February 22 has given the surprise to be the new signing of ‘Yu: do not miss anything’, the program that Ana Morgade presents at Europa FM’s after-hours. Converted into a consultant with its own section, it is already working hard again.

But as expected, in their new project they wanted to know a little more about her and this mysterious withdrawal. Without giving many details, he has commented the following: “I disappear, I appear and until now it has not been possible to give my contract “.

Ylenia and her section in ‘Yu’

“I’m cut off from reality, I live in my microworld, there are things that saturate me and sometimes I need to reset. I don’t do many activities because in the middle of a pandemic and confined, I don’t do many. I love working and doing new things because new things make you learn “, implying in this way that it has been once again overcome by the complicated world of television and just decided to stop and take a break.

His office

Between jokes and laughter, Belén Esteban’s friend has already started her office: “Usually people tell me about their problems and they hope that I will give them a little light in their ways. This seems to me a very cool platform to address those little things, their doubts … they ask me for advice on everything you cannot imagine. They write to me on Instagram and they don’t even let me flirt anymore, they just write me problems. ”

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