Yogurt to tea, cold and cough medicine can be made from these 4 ingredients

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Starting from children to adults must have experienced the flu and cough. Of course it causes the body to feel uncomfortable. So that your condition does not worsen, try to immediately take cold and cough medicines from natural ingredients.

When infected with the flu, your appetite tends to decrease. However, that does not mean you can let it, yes. Try to keep eating and drinking so that the body’s immune system is strong again. That way, the body becomes better able to fight infection.

You don’t need to worry because there are many types of food and drink that you can consume during your illness. Starting from yogurt, herbal teas, and so on. However, if eating these types of foods does not give any impact, immediately consult a doctor.

Eat Citrus Fruits

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, are some types of citrus fruits that you can make choices when sick. Launch Singlecare (singlecare.com)Vitamin C in citrus fruits acts as an antioxidant which can strengthen the immune system.

Over time, regular intake of vitamin C will reduce flu symptoms and shorten the duration of their occurrence. Besides being consumed directly, you can process citrus fruits into juice, especially if you also have a sore throat.

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The next cold and cough medicine you can try is yogurt. The soft texture of yogurt can soothe an inflamed throat caused by a cold infection. It doesn’t stop there, yogurt is filled with probiotics that are good for the immune system.

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Singlecare adds that yogurt is rich in protein. That is, eating yogurt when sick can increase energy so you can continue your daily activities.

Herbal tea

Cold and cough medicine that you should not miss is herbal tea. The content in some types of tea can overcome other flu symptoms. Starting from reducing mucus production, overcoming nasal congestion, nausea, to inflammation.

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Zinc Rich Foods

Foods that contain lots of zinc you can include in a healthy menu while you are sick. You can find zinc in a variety of foods, such as chicken, crab, shellfish, and so on.

Foods You Should Avoid

In addition to consuming several types of food and drink, there are types of food and drink that you should avoid during the flu. The foods and drinks in question are oily foods, caffeine, and alcohol.

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