Yolanda Díaz demands to extend the bank tax in the negotiation with Pedro Sánchez to support his inauguration

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The bank tax has become one of the arguments in the negotiations to form a Government and, above all, one of the most imperative demands of Yolanda Diaz and of his party, summerwho aspires to be the main partner of the investiture candidate, Pedro Sánchez.

The second vice president and acting Minister of Labor revealed this Thursday her request to the PSOE to maintain the tax on banking entities beyond 2024. “Those who have more should contribute to the public coffers,” Díaz said at an event in Barcelona.

In the midst of negotiations for the formation of a hypothetical socialist government, Díaz has assured that it is one of the demands that has been put on the table by the Socialist Party, which “does not want” to maintain the tax. Despite this, Sumar assures that he will continue “insisting” that it be extended because “the way out of the crisis must be fair and financial entities must continue paying these taxes.”

At the press conference after the opening day of the high-level conference The European Pillar of Social Rights and the new active employment policieswhich he shared with the European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, Díaz highlighted that “as a consequence of the rise in interest rates, there is a greater transfer of income” from citizens to financial institutions.

“The benefits known today are record-breaking, at a time with an inflation crisis that impoverishes citizens,” Díaz denounced before also highlighting the slowness of banks in increasing the remuneration of deposits.

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